49-35-16 Macros. What Results to Expect?


Curious as to what I could expect (physical result wise) lifting with this macro breakdown (protien-fat-carbs)… 359gP-112gF-114gC I’m 30 and about 200… Higher body fat %… I’ll prob lift for power, but not opposed to other options…

Loosely inspired by Kurt Angle saying on he road he’d have nothing but shakes… Tried but that jacks up my grocery bill…

Edit: Doing math in this now, it might be closer to 61% protein 19% Fat 20% Carbs

That’s an absolutely ridiculous amount of protein, and keeping your carbs and fat at the same percentages will not yield great results, in my opinion.


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Being local and relatively close in age I can tell you that Kurt has been very long term excellent shape, like since grade school, and comes from a family of beasts. He was a bit of a local legend even way back when I was just a little mat rat growing up in the district next to his.

There actually isn’t much you can do that is going to turn out with results like his.

Not trying to be a downer, just trying to convey that Olympic champion athletes of his calibre are several distinct notches above your typical getting in shape guy.

It’s not so much for Angie like results- although I’m all for it! He mentioned that he did that because he was on the road and didn’t wann eat badly…

So they way I see it, this solves my issue too. I’m a traveling salesman, and quite frankly often times pizza or pasta beats chicken w/tuna on this side with broccoli… If I can eat something healthy, quickly, and maintain a full feeling, I’d be less likely to cheat… VS eating something that takes more time to cook/eat

Yes, answered your own question -just do what it takes to avoid eating crap and as long as you’re getting some kind of good training in a couple times a week you’'ll be fine.

Also doesnt have ti be steamed broccoli but try get plenty of veg in wherever possible, especially if want to lean out

I travel too and I’m just as likely to pass on a protein shake for pizza as I am chicken and broccoli? I am not being a smartass, I just don’t get how this helps.

Anyway, @RampantBadger hit it - just urge yourself to err toward “better” choices at every opportunity. I think it gets a lot more realistic when we’re sble to change our mindset from it’s either 6 meals of chicken and broccoli OR it’s pizza and pasta all day. Maybe there’s room for a turkey wrap, you know?


No I don’t think you are. The way I see it there’s several advantages to shakes vs chicken… mainly that it’s faster…to make in the am, and eat. You’re not only saving time, you’re getting the sensation of feeling full (or close to it) quicker… it will hopefully make me less likely to cheat…feeling full of closer to it in 30 seconds beats trying to feel that way in 10-15 mins…us know what I mean?

If it works for you, definitely do it. I like the taste more than feeling full, if that makes sense, so the shakes wouldn’t do anything for me at all; if speed and satiety are your “triggers,” though, your plan might be the superior one.

If I’m being honest, I’d rather drink a bunch of beers anyway. I’m waiting for someone to figure out how to make that work.

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You and me both.