48yo Newish to Lifting

Hi guys, I am from the land down under and have decided to join this forum after weeks of research looking for a knowledgeable, well respected site, even though half a world away! I have been a knock about lifter for a year or so and have lacked consistency and poor diet. I am not going to blame shift work (mostly nights) on my lack of consistency; its more my lazy ass and care free attitude.

I have improved my diet (and attitude), and began lifting consistently for 6 weeks (while I research a quality program that I could commit too). My goal while getting old is to be SAF, which when translated from Aussie slag means; Strong as F@#@#k.

My stats are: 48 yo Male, 89kgs, 22% body fat.
My lifts (for 5RM with 2 in reserve) are: Squat 80kg, Bench 70kg, OHP 45kg, DLF 110kg.

From reading this site two points have stood out; 1) you need to train a muscle at least twice per week and, 2) the 531 program is a good place to start (I think). My question is: Given my lack of real lifting experience and age, is the 531 program the right choice?


The good the about the 5/3/1 program is that you can start doing effective workouts right away.

You can start with a really basic template. Maybe you’ll stick with that. Or maybe you’ll see some training method or idea that looks cool, like Rest/Pause training, or 20 rep squats. You can easily adjust your program and follow the 5/3/1 scheme that uses those ideas with no guess work or trial and error.

Or you might decide that instead of hitting a muscle twice a week, you want to see what it’s like to hit stuff one or three times a week. You can just rotate to a 5/3/1 template that uses higher or lower frequency.

Also lots of people run it so you’ll be able to get lots of answers to any questions you might have.

But it’s not mandatory and if you don’t like the look of it there’s lots of routines out there.

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531 is a good plan for anyone. It’s hard to mess up unless you start adding a lot of unnecessary exercises to the end. The last I used it, I didn’t push the amap too hard since I’m older.


Hey bud welcome to the forum. If staying consistent has been your bugaboo, than the best program will be the one that you stick to. Trying to do too much or lifting too often is a good way to get hurt or burnt out & slack off again.

Choose workouts that are challenging (are you working harder than 90+% of the other people in the gym?) & fun (do you like low vs high reps, machines vs free weights, etc…). Choose a plan/progression that you can maintain.

Just do 531

Thanks guys, just getting over a shoulder niggle, so I have been taking it easy with shoulders and had a decent workout today doing OHP and seated DB press without too much issues. Used light weights (40kg for OHP x 5reps) to test the waters and felt fine.

Will be careful in setting my TM for the 531 program; cannot wait to start it.