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48YO. Let Me Have It!


Let me know what you think...


One more


Nice nipples I guess. I'll assume more pics are coming to give you a rating


Post the required pics. Refer to the rules post in the RMP forum for information.


Here are the rest. Sorry for not following the rules. 6'4" about 250. Lifting for about ten years, the last five with some purpose. Lifts: Flat DB press 120s for 10 reps, Deads 450 for 5 to 6. Squats 350 for 6 (Now you know why you will give the wheels a 2)




sorry, haven't done this before


try again


Legs (I know...)


Last one


Quads and back need the most attention in my opinion. Chest, biceps and calves look good. Nice job. Squat and deadlift if you aren't already to remedy your back and quads. For 48 years old, very impressive, keep at it.


I think you back would look better with a better pose.Abs need work.As Da Vinci said quads too. You are looking good!Keep up the good work!


Very nice looking for being 48. I would work on back and quads.


48 is NOT old.


For 48.....you look good


Yeah when I first started I figured like 35 was the end for bodybuilding/weightlifting. This site blew that out of the water though. Isn't here a couple of guys on here in their 60s that are still jacked?


Damn right it's not old! OK, I'm sensitive about it because I just had my 55th birthday a few days ago!
OP- looking good (for 48 or any age). I agree with some better poses. Your pecs look good, and arms. Quads do need work (as you say).


From those pictures I could have easily believed you were in your late 20s. Congrats


First time I've ever been to this section. Looking good for a youngun'.


Thanks all for your comments. I got a better back picture. Current weight is about 250 at 6'4"