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485lb NASA World Bp Record


Here is the video from the June 21, 2009 NASA USA NATIONALS:


Aww, I thought NASA(as in National Aeronautics and Space Administration)had some weird bp record..:frowning:


Does NASA have a world governing body?



And what's international participation levels like?


Who's your sponsor again, Pilsner?


Powerliftingwatch ranked my 485 as the #6 bench press in the USA:


JT are you full raw or equipped?


I compete in equipped & unequipped bench press & curl competitions only.


Naw, I think he's sponsored by BodyBuilding.com


HOLY FUCK A RESPONSE!! You are a beast, sir, no denying that. Do you think you can post a little more in the threads you create?


Yes, I'll try to respond more to positive and honest questions only.


Nice job


Why don't you lift in ipf or in a big federation


I said it before and I will say it again you are a beast.


International constitutes "outside of Oklahoma".

For the sake of full disclosure, I actually like NASA and the fella who runs it.


I think I know what happened... the misspelled it, it shoulda been INTRAnational.


I compete in NASA & USAPL. USAPL is the largest federation in the USA and NASA is the 2nd largest federation in the USA. I just competed at the USAPL April Europa Show of Championships
www.powerliftingwatch.com/node/11189 So, I do compete in big federations.




Awesome lift. If you don't mind, can I ask how strong were you roughly when you started training? And how long did it take you to get to where you are now?


Why do they call you "BIG WILLIE"?


See that Inzer bag in his avatar? He needs it to carry around his cock.