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48 yr Old Lifter Needs Gear Advice


Ok, thank you. I got my last one back on Monday and it was 3000.


The struggle continues. There so much BS online trying to find legitimate sources of T. It seems like it’s literally hit or miss…mostly miss. You can’t come right out and ask people in these forums where trusted sources are and the general advice is “do research”. I’m trying to research my butt off damn… so hypothetically, if one was doing research us there a straight up something somewhere where you can get some basic straight up answers without all the hush hush politically correct worry police getting upset? Why does everything have to be so damn difficult.


There are forums that have sections dedicated to source talk. Read those, ask questions, and make your decision based on what you learn. Meso has the most unfiltered source forum and is not sponsored by anyone who’s selling. This place does not allow it because they don’t want the headache of being a forum that shares information about where and how to commit federal crimes. Can you blame them?


I wont tell you where to find a good source but I will tell you (for your safety) that a good forum has sponsors (sources) that allow for review of their products and a method to address complaints.

Also, be very wary of a source that does not have a secure email to conduct communication with. As well, you should consider getting your own subscription to a secure email. I pay about $60/year for mine.


To you guys doing the Test cruise/blast cycle:

I’m one of the guys who will be doing TRT for life but Im gonna be doing cycles similar to what some of you guys are doing above. T-cyp only for now. There’s a lot of debate on whether to take an AI or SERM. When I was seeing the doc, I was given RX for an AI. Alot of debate on what’s best. How do you know if the SERM is doing it’s job and blocking E2? The bloods are still going to show skyrocketed E2 correct? Can you only tell it’s working if you don’t wake up with tits? Is that something you take only if you start getting symptoms? Or if a maintenance dose is required how do you know what dosage if your bloods are consistently reflecting high E2?


I don’t have 1/10th of the knowledge of most of the members on this board, so keep that in mind…

However, I am 42 (almost 43) and started cycling 2 years ago. I would strongly suggest getting bloodwork done to determine if you even need to go on TRT. Why would you want the hassle, expense, and long term commitment if you don’t have to at this time?

In my case, I still had excellent libido, energy levels, sense of well being etc, so I chose to start running test only cycles in a safe and responsible manner, and have been really pleased with the results. When on cycle, I focus on muscle growth etc, and when I’m off I shift focus to cardio/wellness (because I want to live a long time, not just look big,etc.) I also like the option of being able to “jump off the train” at any time, and have reasonable assurance that I can run a PCT (post cycle therapy), recover completely, and go on with my life in the event that my priorities change, etc. Plus you can always “upgrade” to TRT anytime, but if you do it now, it’s likely a one way street.

Just my 2 cents.


Thanks for the info. Just a little background, I have had bloods done many times. I’ve been on TRT for several years through an expensive anti-aging clinic. It’s something I plan on being on for all of the benefits. I’m 48, so there are more pros than cons for someone in my age group with my natural hormone levels.

So that brings me back to the AI vs SERM question I threw out there. Thanks guys.