48 yr Old Lifter Needs Gear Advice

I am a brand new 48 yr okd rookie to this forum. Not even sure if I’m posting this in the right place. Constructive criticism welcome. I’m experienced left her. I just hit 48 years old and my shit doesn’t work like it did 20 years ago. I’m interested and determined one way or another to add either HGH and/or other anabolics into my life. Problem is, during my research every topic has 1000 opposing opinions. When someone asks a question I’m finding more often than not people go off the fkn rails with this opinion or that opinion and the damn questions never get answered. I’m simply looking for advice based upon experienced that you guys actually have. I’m looking for real recommendations on a stack that’s actually going to work for me. I’m not interested in competing but I’m looking for an edge. I eat clean, I work out regularly, I weigh 180, and I don’t have any medical issues. I google this stuff And it returns so many pages of BS that I can’t even begin to wade through the crap to determine what’s real or not. So, I’ve come here because I read some of these forums and you guys seem to know your shit…and I know just enough to make bad decisions. Nobody needs to try talking me out of it. I just think you guys can help me with a real stack/ plan that is going to give me some good results. And yeah, I know I need to learn the terminology of this or that. Some of you veterans rattle this stuff off like scientists and that makes me understand how much I still don’t know… Anyway, if I sent this topic to the wrong place in this forum I’m sorry. Thank you guys for any straight up advice.

Do you want to do a cycle or TRT? At your age, TRT is definitely something to consider. Have you done any recent blood work? Its too hard to speculate on your needs without it. You can either try to get your Doc to do it or you can go to a private lab and get your own test done. We can help you with that too.


Thanks for responding. I’ve done TRT through a place here in MN because I couldn’t find a regular doctor to do it, so I went through one of those clinics. Every doctor I’ve gone too gives the old “normal range for your age” nonsensical explanation. Although I did see some benefit, it wasn’t beneficial enough for me to keep paying the high price for the blood work and mandatory appointments in order for them to keep refilling my prescriptions. The increased T levels we’re pretty noticeable at first but then I leveled off. So now I’m leaning toward trying a cycle or HGH.

Thanks again!

Alright Grasshopper, (you should be old enough to know that reference). I’m 53. Was on dr prescribed TRT for years that resulted in all kinds of fuckery to me. About 4 years ago, I went on my own, self treating with the occasional blast. This is what I recommend for you. You’ll be much happier and you will get the results you want.

What TRT dose did your Dr have you at?

I think I started around 100mg then up to 200mg/week. Sub Q Injections about every other day. The mandatory doc appts plus blood work was about $800 every 5 mos, not including the cost of the T.

That’s a pretty good dose. I run 250/week with twice weekly injections. It keeps my Total T over 1000. Gives me the responsiveness to my wife that I want and makes me feel like I did 30 years ago. You can find good reliable gear for about $40 - 50 a vial. That would last you 10 weeks plus you get your bloodwork on your own. Usually less than $300 for bloodwork depending on what parameters you get.

Before I get flamed for recommending you do this on your own, I want to say that I see my PCP every 6 months for checkups, my BP, cholesterol, heart all good. However, she has no idea on self treating.

Thanks very much for your advice. I would definitely bump it up if I could find quality for that price. I haven’t researched purchasing T specifically but I will. I was taking Anastrazole pills along with it…would you recommend something better? Is that also something availble out there? Im still undecided but the more I research doing a cycle, Deca for example, theres a laundry list of other crap to get and you really have to be on your game and know all that science. Which I would definitely be willing to do but like I said I have to do my homework. It definitely helps hearing what you have to say. Thank you again!

You probably don’t need any AI at that level. If you needed anything based on estrogen sides, I would do nolvadex. This still allows the benefits of estrogen but as a SARM, it blocks the receptor site and negates the negatives.

Deca can lead to some serious gyno. I’d run Test at TRT levels for a while then blast at higher levels. Around 500-600 week.

Go read everything written by @physioLojik regarding estrogen an its impacts to the body.

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Thank you. How long would you blast at that level?

10 to 12 weeks

If you do choose this path, please be careful when looking for and ordering UGL gear. We are not allowed discuss sources but do not order from some random website. Please make sure they use secure email to communicate and that you pay with Bitcoin or something like Western Union.

Okay and yeah, I’ll do more research and look into that. Thanks for your help and advice. It can be overwhelming trying to figure this out, but somehow I will prevail.

You have been a huge help. Thanks much. I still have a lot of homework to do but I’ll get it figured out.

No worries. I’m sure others will respond over the next day or so.

I would echo @studhammer 's with the addition of emphasis on have blood work done before and during your self administered treatment. Skip the AI as advised and have a SARM like Nolvadex on-hand for when/if your E starts to climb. At 250-300mg/wk of Test you should be good as long as you’re relatively lean. The higher you BF% is the more you’ll have a tendency to convert T to E.

Thank you very much. Good advice.

If I can I would like to jump on board here, I have some questions that fall in line with the ones asked above. my back ground, I am 52 years old (no one ever believes me) I have lifed for years, college football, in the Marines I got more into the body building, now I have doing doing more of the Spartan type races. After starting on gear this summer I have went back to lifting heavier again. I have a nurse friend that runs a health dept. for our country and she does my blood work every three months. A big question I have is are guys my age not coming off at all? I was at 500-550 mg of Test Cyp. for about 12 weeks, dropped down to Test Prop. at 200 mg for about 6-7 weeks and now I am just starting to blast again at 500-550 mg of Test. Cyp. so are alot of you just coming off a blast cycle and staying at 200mg or so a week ? When I dropped to the Test. Prop at 200mg a week my sex life went into the gutter!! Are most staying on to maintain a 1000 or so Test, level?? I could use some straight up help, I was not looking forward to coming off and the end of this blast cycle.

Hard to quantify but yes, most of us that are TRT blast and cruise do not ever come off. Wouldnt make any sense, we need the Test because for some reason our body’s dont make enough anymore.

Personally, I’d take a little more time off between blasts. It sounds like you are a little addicted the way you feel at blast. I can’t blame you, I’m the same but my wife tends to keep me grounded.

Thanks for your time, It’s nice to get up front info from some one. When you are in a blast cycle what should your test. numbers be?? I just had blood work done friday and was shocked at the number.

I’ve had total test in excess of 5000.