48 YO on TRT, Suggestions

First time post but have been reading the forums for a while.

I’m 48 years old and about 4 months ago I went to a doctor that specializes in TRT as I didnÃ??Ã?¢??t have a lot of energy. I had labs done and my TT level was 199 and FT was very low as well (I wish I knew more of the numbers from the lab results).
He started on the following TRT:

200mg Test Cyp once of week
1mg Anastrozole twice a week
50mg Clomid once of week

After starting the above protocol, I noticed sensitivity and gyno in my right breast. He immediately bumped my Anastrozole to 1mg per day. After a month I felt real depressed and so the doctor made the following adjustents (he wants to wait about 6 month before doing labs again):

300mg Test Cyp (125mg twice a week SQ)
1mg Anastrozole twice a week
50mg Clomid twice per week

I started to feel great after a several weeks but now feel even more depressed than before. When I was in the docs office last asked his assistant if I should switch out the Clomid for HCG and she said no.

So my question is, is there anything I can do now prior to my next doctor’s appointment or lab work? I don’t have very good and insurance so lab work is very expensive. Would like to be dialed in with the correct (or something close) protocol before my next labs.


It is hard to get stable on those doses, try the standard protocol. Please read the advice for new guys sticky and protocol for injections.

Clomid and other SERM’s increase E2. If SERM’s lead to too much LH, T–>E2 inside the testes can be very high and anastrozole cannot control that. Suggest 12.5 mg clomid EOD.

Clomid makes some guys feel horrible, so I always suggest Nolvadex instead of clomid. Doc’s do not understand these SERM issues.

100mg T per week in two doses per week or EOD
1mg anastrozole per week as .5mg x 2; or EOD divided doses
12.5 mg clomid or Nolvadex EOD

I tried clomid once, just to see how I reacted. Horrible, later tried again, same issue. Tried Nolvadex and no symptoms. So I do understand what is going on when guys have negative experiences with clomid.