48 YO Fat Man Trying to Change

Hey guys in march of 2015 I finally got my T levels checked and found to be 226. I felt like crap and just felt really old and worn down.

The T cyp shots have made me feel so much better that I even wanted to work out again! I hadn’t worked out since I was in my 20’s! I was 150lbs with 6% body fat back then. Now I’m 200 - 210 with probably 30% body fat. No good.

I have 4 dumbbells and that’s it. I’ve been working out at home with those. I’m pretty excited about the results. Honestly, I haven’t busted my a$$ working out. Maybe 5-10 mins a day. I wish I had more enthusiasm to work out for hours at a time like many of you guys.

It’s amazing how much you can do with body weight exercises and just a few dumb bells. Especially if you’re just getting going. You can gradually add in more exercises, more sets, more reps. You get the idea. Good luck to you!

Your over estimating your BF% IMO…

By chance is your name Don or Donald? If so its a very classy name :wink:

Bulldog - I am Donald but usually go by Don. You have great genetics and physique!

kpsnap - My largest dumbbell is a 30 lb’er! I have one 20, 2 25’s and a 30. LOL. I thought about joining a gym but first I am searching for some used larger dumbbells and a bench with a few plates and a bar. I’d rather workout at home. My weight has dropped from around 205-210 to 195-197. I’m not losing much weight but I’m definitely gaining some muscle.

[quote]bulldog9899 wrote:
Your over estimating your BF% IMO…[/quote]

I probably am. I haven’t had my BF tested since my ymca days back in the mid 1990’s. LOL! I have a pretty good beer belly but not fat besides that.

[quote]d0n wrote:
Bulldog - I am Donald but usually go by Don. You have great genetics and physique!

Ironically so do I :slight_smile: that’s why I mentioned it was a classy first name. Regarding the genetics a physique I wouldn’t go that’s far…LOL

Regarding your BF% I would say shop around and get it checked.