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48 or 72 Hours of Rest?


My question is a simple one. I was wondering what has yielded better results, 48hrs rest or 72hrs rest?.

I know everyones body responds to physical strees differently depending on how active they are after a weight training session and what not.. I always feel stronger when I wait three days again before working out.. but is this going to equal more gains by resting more? I train in a variety of different fitness activities that are fairly strenous..

I do a total upper body workout in one shot and a total lower body in one shot... mainly because I have other commitments that make it nearly impossible to isolate muscles on different days.. besides I train more sport specific than for looks... although I would not mind the looks that come along with good fitness.

Sorry for the ramble.. thanx guys


What results are you after? Size or strength?

If size....I've found 24 hours best...especially with the Waterbury Method. M-W-F-Su-T-Th-Sa... you get the idea.


Can I have a healthy mixture of both? :wink:

I train for grappling competitions and want to put on lean size while bieng cut and strong.. is this something the tooth fairy can bring me? haha..


Then I think the Waterbury is what the toothfairy has ordered.

Ya gotta wonder about those grapplers who want a fairy to visit them in their bedroom bringing "gifts"......


lol, true.. where can I find more information about this "Waterbury"?


Do a search on this website for "Chad Waterbury".


Uh, that's 48 hours... 48 hours has gone by between Monday morning and Wednesday morning, etc... However, I agree that this is a very effective rest interval for recovery just as Waterbury programs themselves are very effective. When leaning out, I will sometimes feel the need to take an extra day. So, maybe I'll lift Monday afternoon and then again on Thursday. But typically, I have an offday between every lifting day (48 hrs of recovery).


It depends on the intensity and volume. When I was getting strong enough to do pullups I would train static holds and negatives 5 days/week.



Thanks for the correction. Had a bit of a mathematical brainfart.....happens once in a....ahh hell....it's happening all the time now.


Honestly I have never seen a schedule (non drug user) which tops Mon-Wed-Fri. That would be every 48 hours with an extra day after Friday.


hehe. No problem


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