48 & Fat, No Flexibility/Mobility & No Clue

I am 48 arthritis fat no flexibility/mobility and have no clue where to begin. My life sucks right now everytime I start something my joints hurt/flare . I’m not looking for instant fixes just want to be guided in the right direction. Want to loose my fat, get mobile and maybe put some muscle. Right now home stuff would be good. Items I have are resistance bands trx and treadmill …any help

Thanks for the help ahead of time God bless

What form of arthritis are you dealing with?

Try going for a walk every day after eack meal. Nothing big, just like 10 minutes.

If you can do that for a few weeks then make them 15, and maybe throw in some or those resistance bands.

Psoriasis type arthritis

So you’re having pain/flare-ups whenever you try to exercise? Not to pry, but what does your rheumatologist say about that? Is it possible you’re undertreated?

I just need to get used to it and mobility