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47 YO with Low T Symptoms

Hi to all
been feeling pretty low lately, lot of the low T simptoms, especially libido beneath my heels, which is creating quite a few wife-issues.
I am 47yo
14% bf
34" waist
lost most of my hair, have a goatie, moderately hairy chest and legs
fat almost all concentrated around belly
My blood pressure in normal, slightly low
I usually workout on a 3 day split, 1 hr each time
I eat very well, 6 meals a day, approximately 500cal over maintenance (trying to put on some muscle) Had to stop working out recently due to surgery on left shoulder for adhesive capsulitis and minor arthritis (shaved off some bone) and am about to undergo surgery on right shoulder for same issue.
Take meloxicam daily for inflammation, melatonin as a sleep aid, oxycodone for post-surgery pain (not more than 1 or 2 every 24 hrs)

Read a lot on T-Nation, and decided to go get a blood test
Just got results, haven’t spoken to doctor yet, but I was anxious

LH: 2.8 (1.5-9.3)
FSH: 4.4 (1.6-8.9)
Estradiol: 16 (<=39)
Cortisol: 12.5 (4.0-22.0)
DHEA Sulfate 186 (45-345)
Testosterone, Total 400 (241-827)
Cardio CRP 0.3 (<1.0)
PSA Total 0.5 (<=4.0)
Testosterone LCMSMS 526 (250-1100)
Testosterone, Free 86.8 (35.0-155.0)
SHBG 36 (10-50)
Cholesterol, total 169 (125-200)
HDL Cholesterol 64 (>=40)
Ratio 2.6 (<=5.0)
LDL 92 (<130)
TSH 1.78 (0.40-4.5)
T4.Free 1.3 (0.8-1.8)
T3, Free 3.2 (2.3-4.2)
Pretein total serum 7.2 (6.1-8.1)
Albumin 4.8 (3.6-5.1)

So if I am correct, my T is lowish but not low, them why am I feeling so shitty…? My mood swings wildly, I get easy tears, I feel fatigued and sleepy, cannot seem to put any muscle on, no matter how hard I work out and how attentive my diet, and feeling low, really low.
Not really sure I would qualify for TRT as I seem to be borderline. or not?
any contributions are very welcome
Mister Sandman

AM cortisol, do at 8 AM, get up a normal hour, no exercise or coffee. Consider adrenal fatigue issues.

You have a degree of secondary hypogonadism, but that is also an expected age related thing.

Read the thyroid basics sticky!!! - and come back with iodine intake info and body temperatures. That can be informative and you can do that fast and easy. If body temps are low, cause can be low iodine AND elevated rT3 blocking the good fT3, fT4 levels that you have. Cortisol and adrenal fatigue issues increase rT3.

25mg DHEA might be useful, but you will not feel its benefits.

Your FT is low and your age adjusted range does not help. You want youthful levels of FT, way higher, over the shown upper range. SHBG will not be high because of E2. Do you have liver markers ALT/AST?

oxycodone can cause a lot of problems and problems you’ve got.

Your hormone results are invalid, because oxycodone (like all opioids) is well known to lower levels of testosterone and other hormones.

It makes no sense to base any decisions on these results.

You should retest a few weeks after stopping the oxycodone.

thanks to both. I stopped the oxycodone 10 days before the test just to be sure.
My ALT is 60 (9-60) and my AST 59 (10-40) so pretty high
don’t know what that means though

Your liver clears estrogens from your blood. If there are liver problems, there can be estrogen problems. But your E2 is low and I pointed out the concerns earlier. You have not responded to my post from yesterday.