47 Year Old Newbie

Just got done reading the majority of the articles on the site and figured it is time to start using the forums. Need to learn how to do most everything regarding the forums such pic, log and so on.

Getting back into weightlifting because tired of weighing close to 500lbs and unable to move around as the other 3 leg joints need replacing along with the left hip I had replaced back in 1988 a bit over a month before I turned 23. Been disabled since then due to pain coming from micromovement of the pin of the replacement and phantom pain. By the time I finally got pain meds that could help me
handle things I was in the 4-500lb range and basically stuck in a power scooter or wheelchair. Still am stuck in them but tired of the lack of mobility. I know most of the pain will still be around but with new joints, the better pain pills and a huge lose of weight things will be better than the current situation.

I used to be a dedicated lifter most of the time since around age 14 until I dropped out of college at 20 due to various reasons such as pain in the two hips,money and other things. Did do a lot of pool work the months before the replacement and the couple of years after until I stopped due to being unable to handle the pain.

Enough for now as thinking about back then and the work I have ahead of me tires me out.

My mom was always heavy. Drs would tell her she needed to loose weight, but her attitude was, this is the way I am, love me this way or don’t.

She ended up first in one of those chairs, had 2 spinal fusions, and spent the last 10 years of her life bed ridden. She didn’t do anything about it when she could walk, wasn’t going to happen confined to a bed.

She died at 63, she pretty much gave up. The thing that got me in all this was, she quit trying.

First thing I should of done was say hi, and welcome.

Second thing, Don’t quit, don’t ever quit.

I hope this comes over in the way I mean it, stay after it.


Chronic pain can be debilitating for sure, but pain meds are not the answer.

Have you looked into pain management that utilizes other methods?

Do you have the ability to get to a trainer/physical therapist?

What have you done with your diet, cause that should be the FIRST thing you do.

You could end up an amazing success story if you formulate a plan and stick with it.

You will have a lot of work ahead of you. But imagine the rewards!

Good luck!

I’d suggest starting with diet. I’ve had great success losing substantial weight (170 to 150 and 180 to 147) through diet alone. I box and have limited time to bulk so I’ve gone WAY overboard in the past. However it’s taught me that diet changes alone (I intermittent fast: Martin Berkham’s Lean Gains is totally epic) can lead to large changes in body weight, particularly fat loss.

Hope you’ll post a diet plan sometime soon. Looking forward to following along on your journey!

My wife does the diet and has it all on some website that I think she has started to dislike as she can’t find a way to export it.

As for pain meds and pain clinics, I have done the pain clinics and am taking what was recommended with the exception of having to take ms-contin instead of oxy-contin for insurance reasons.

Regarding giving up, that is basically what I have done the last 20 plus years. Too tired of fighting the pain since I was 4 or 5 years old with docs always saying it couldn’t hurt like I said and then a couple (or more) years later figuring out the problem each time. But I don’t want to become one of those people that has to have a wall torn down to get them out.

A big loss in overall strength since I turned 40 has slowly started to give me more willpower in regards to working out. Especially the strength loses over the last 2.5 years when I went from being able to lift my rascal scooter onto the truck to quickly going where I couldn’t even help someone do it as I added to much risk of it being dropped.