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47 Year Old Male Trying to Learn about Testosterone


A couple of years ago, my doctor Started me on Androgel. This made a huge difference in everything from my mood to my sexual drive and function. However, after reaching the maximum safe dosage of Androgel, my testosterone level was still lower than my doctor indicated it should be. I have never even considered taking steroids, as I thought they were both illegal and dangerous, but the other day I discovered web sites selling Test-600x, which was billed as (ostensibly legal) oral testosterone. Here are my questions:

1) For those who have taken this or similar testosterone supplements, are they safe, do they work, and if so, how long do they take to boost your testosterone level?

2) Despite doing some reading, I am still unclear as to what a stack is. As I want to get back into weight training in conjunction with taking these supplements, should I be taking some else in addition to (or instead of) this test-600?

Thank you


First of all I just want to say, great question!!

1) I tried it once... now doctors tell me I will never be able to pee standing up again! Test-600x ruined my life! Google Test-600x support groups and you'll see what it really does.

2) If for some reason you still decide to take the Test-600x it is essential that you also take something for the ensuing menstrual cramps and violent mood swings. A stack is when you combine it with other drugs such as Drospirenone and Ethinyl Estradiol to help prevent some of the side effects of the Test-600x. Also I would make sure to have something on hand to treat the ED.

I hope this helped!

You are welcome.


Why dont you talk to your doctor about injectable testosterone?


It sounds like his doctor should have already talked to HIM about injectable test.


This...don't be an idiot

There are many reasons why transdermal test doesn't work...do some legwork to find out why and take steps to improve your quality of life


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