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47 & Starting Again

Hey everyone. I haven’t posted on here in years.

I’ve lifted weights on and off throughout my life just for health and to stay in shape. In my early twenties, I got tendonitis in my elbows. I would flare up with almost any pulling exercise. After a while, I was able to train primarily by avoiding any type of pulling/curling with my arms nearly extended. I found a machine where I could do a wide grip pull down with two separate handles. I love the fact that it took the pressure of my elbows allowing me to really focus on my lats with a really long range of motion.

The last time I was serious about training was around 10 years ago. I had a lifting partner that was much younger than me. It was obvious that for the effort I was putting in that my body just didn’t respond the same. I tried very minor doses of DBol and Oral Turanbol. In 2009 I got tendonitis in my shoulders and an impingement. I got disheartened and stopped lifting.

In 2012 I started to try again. I found a new doctor who was willing to check my hormone levels. As expected a had below normal testosterone levels and an underactive thyroid (which I later found runs in my family). I was expecting a new beginning but had a bike accident a couple weeks later and broke my shoulder. I dropped lifting again.

I’ve had minor starts here and there over the years. I should include that I have a very stressful sedentary job. It has been a whole lot worse during the last few years. For the last year and a half, I’ve just had no fight in me at all. I feel like I have just given up on life altogether. I just can’t seem to get motivated enough to do anything. I also have very little energy and often feel like I have brain fog.

Looking at what I’ve written, I really hate it. It just seems pathetic. I know none of this is unique and many people have it much worse.

Anyway, here I am. I just turned 47 yesterday. I’m on vacation this week and trying to turn things around. I have an appointment w/ my HRT doctor on Monday. I guess I am putting this out here to draw a line in the sand and make myself feel accountable.

I’m 5’11. On 9/1 I weighed in at 249 lbs. with 36% body fat and 19 visceral fat (using an Omron scale).

I don’t have a hard plan in place yet. I have to get cardio in as much as I dislike it. I’ve hit my home gym 2x doing push/pull supersets of compound movements. I plan to do bent leg deadlifts tomorrow.

I will be cleaning up my diet as well …after I finish the blueberry pie my Mom made for my birthday. What can I say, she makes fantastic pies and may not be around much longer (stage 4 cancer in her pancreas). There’s no other junk food in the house. In general, I plan on a whole food diet; lots of vegetables plus lean meat.

I’d love to have goals about my lifts and looking good for summer. At this point, I just want to feel healthier and to shed this excess bodyfat… preferably without losing muscle.

Sounds great. I wish my parents would lift at their age (or start lifting lol). So many health benefits to lifting for the young and old depending on where you see yourself. Who knows maybe you’ll blast all the gear you can hoard and make a run at Mr Olympia.

If it encourages you any there’s been studies that found that there were no non responders to resistance training in the older men and women so there’s gains to be had.

Good luck