47 & Sliding. Poor Diet, Inconsistent Exercise

Getting way too out of shape. Was 155 @ 12-15% after my last p90x round several years ago. Now 172 @ 25ish

I am assuming this is for the Transformation challenge. You can just post them in your training log. I noticed you were in the 0 35 section earlier or you can put it the training log section. Unless of course, you are willing to be ripped to shreds in here😉

Get shredded in here?! Bro, too punny. Kidding,no idea what 035 is or if I
can delete this post

No need to delete, I am just suggesting to relocate it. Where ever you want to keep your training log. 035 is the over 35 section. If you are looking for a BRUTALLY honest assessment then leave here. If you are going to log everyday for the challenge this isn’t the best place. That’s all.:grin:

Would you like this thread deleted? I know a guy who knows a guy…

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@Mod_Phoenix can you delete these threads please?


Sure, t’anks

you don’t want your mistakes to be deleted. embrace them. people can learn from those discussions as well.


I’ve been on the forums for approximately a month, just recently created an account and some of Dukes old threads have literally been the highlight of my day and informational haha so i concur with your statement. I plan on putting up a training log soon, and i’d like to tag you in it for some advice if thats ok? @flipcollar

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go for it dude. Tag me and I’ll check it out.