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465 Squat PR


Finally hit a PR on squat. Haven't had much progress since my USAPL meet last July, but things are looking much better right now. Looking forward to hitting my first 5 plate soon!


nice dude, great work. looked like a solid rep.


Your ass is a little elevated during the bench unless I'm seeing it wrong.


Great squats though.


lol glad there was no weirdness this time


Thats a big pull at 197 strong stuff man


I've been a little cautious of this lately, but I'll work more on it. Thanks.


Nice job bro.

Go Chiefs.


very good lifts man... also gangsta points for callin out the Alpha Male bs that seems to be prevalent in this scene...


Nice vid, makes me want to leave work and hit the gym. I recently bought the Adipowers, you like?


Great lifts. I may be saying too much but do you think slightly widening your stance and just a tad of angle of your toes pointing out (30 degrees) may help with the buckling of the knees in the squat and also help you move heavier weight? Looks like a 495 squat is very close.


impressive video!...what programs have you run and what program are you currently running.?


Nice squat.
Voice over soso. I take it you are not a motivational speaker. ha


I have been toying around with a lot of stances and just haven't found anything that has worked and felt natural at the same time. The more I train, the more I realize I am a complete beginner and know little/nothing lol.


Have you thought about hitting depth


Not even once


<3 how is your bench/pull going?


Bench is progressing at a very nice pace, and my pull is slowly working back up to where it was my last meet. I've been focusing on my squat for quite a while so my deadlift hasn't moved much. There was a 155 pound gap between the two at my last meet, so I'd like to close that lol.