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465 Squat PR


Think my depth is good, maybe could go a hair lower. I'll be hitting low box squats for some DE work, which should hopefully increase my ROM a bit. Let me know if you see any glarring form issues. I'm just proud of this PR.


Solid. You keep your bar loooow. I don't see how that's comfortable for people




Yeah, looked like the bar was about to fall off your back. Awesome job though.


You look at a lot of elite powerlifter squatters, and most carry the bar low on there back. This creates a leverage in his favor. If the bar feel like it might slip off your back, chalk your shirt and put it on. Awesome job and great form. Keep up the great work. Do you find you are stronger sumo stance? I would think you would be.


Great attempts and nice set up. (lol, the bar looked just fine to me). As for being too high, you were right there (I'd give you white lights), but I see what you mean. However, for a 3rd attempt...definitely at least 2 whites. Good, solid lift.
Here's to 475 next!


My powercage isn't wide enough for a sumo stance, haha. My hips give me some trouble, so it'd be hard to say.

And yeah, the bar feels just fine for me. It fits right in a crevice my rear delts create.

Thanks for the compliments folks.


Man, your videos rock.

Pretty sick place to train. Just you, the power rack, and metal blarin'.

Keep up the PRs


Yeah, it's a beautiful set-up, even though it got flooded with sewage a little while ago, haha. Thankfully, none of my gear got touched.


White lights. Maybe pull your elbows forward. It might keep the chest up and the shoulders back. Good lifting.



Lol, the bar isn't low at all. Like TNT said, elbows forward, chest up, maybe arch back harder. Other than that good lift!


Very nice lift. From that angle it appeared low enough to me, and the bar placement looked good.

As someone else noted, you might want to see if you can get your elbows forward some (i.e., more in line with your back, rather than behind your back).


Haven't read Starting Strength by Rippetoe then...

Nice squat!


Yeah, I always have trouble with getting my elbows forward. I feel like I can create a better "shelf" for the bar with a wider hand spacing, but it makes it tough to get the elbows under the bar. Something to focus on.


Pulling the elbows forward will make the shoulders and upper back (thoracic spine) really tight and solid. It will also help keep your head in line and the chest up.



Would you please referee my next comp


Out of curiosity, here are some questions for you.

  1. What were you squatting when you first started squatting?
  2. How did you train to get your squat up (ie sets/reps, assistance exercises that seemed to help your squat go up)?
  3. How are you training your squat now?


Man, I'd have to back track real far in my training log to find that out. I started squatting maybe 135 after a stress fracture to my ankle a couple of years ago. I was following WS4SB version 1 for a while, and then hopped onto Pavel's 3-5 for a while. I'm a huge fan of that program.

3-5 reps
3-5 sets
3-5 minutes of rest
3-5 movements
3-5 days between training

I've been alternating between Pavel's 3-5 and the Westside Template, running about 4-6 months on each program.


Would you mind giving up sample days of what a day of training might look like for each program? I love hearing about how people train.


Well, looking at Westside as just a day wouldn't really be too helpful, as it's a weekly training schedule with ME/DE/RE work. There's tons of articles written about it on elitefts.com if you want to read up on it.

For Pavel's, I'm typically try for a lowerbody movement, an upper body push, and an upper body pull. I'd try to mix up my vertical and horizontal movements as well. I think Chad Waterbury wrote about this in one of his articles. Something like
Squats 3x5
Bench 3x5
Pull-up 3x5