465 DL 1RM, 450 Rack Pull 1RM. Is my Weak Spot the Top of Lift?

This was my 1RM progression today.

My 1RM for deadlift is higher than my 1RM for rack pulls. Does this just mean I’m weaker at the top of the lift and should focus there?

At what height did you set the rack pull?

It was about 2-3 inches below my knee. My gym doesn’t have pins so I just have to deal with the lowest setting of the safety arms.

That can be a rough height, because it is too high to rely on momentum carry you through the lift but too low to really cheat it with short ROM. It’s not unusual to pull worse from that spot.



Except I’m absolutely retarded. I just realized I didn’t use my belt at all today. So my deadlift was belted and my rack pull was beltless…

I guess that’s what 12 hour shifts and a newborn can do to your mind when you’re amped on pre workout lol. Thanks for the reply though!

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So is that a spot you should spend a lot of time on, because its tough?

Or a spot you should avoid it training because it’s likely to cause issues?

I typically believe it is the first situation. The caveats being 1–you need to make sure you don’t have any latent issues waiting to ambush you and 2–you need to make sure the technique and leverages you use is the same as the technique you use from the ground. A lot of people tend to cheat rack pulls with different angles or more quads than they would take in a normal deadlift. That makes for great ego lifting but doesn’t carry over to the deadlift.

If your goal on the other hand is to build a big back rather than carryover to your deadlift though…that change in technique or position could help with that goal.

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I kinda go with 1 myself. Try to train the weakness. Then use assistance exercises to “build up” the problem areas, or problem portions of the movement that could lead to “ambush.”

Sometimes I mess things up, and do the work that leads me right down the path to the ambush. I’m trying to get a little smarter.


Yes, number one. A weak portion of a lift to build up making the overall lift better

Side effect of liking to lift heavy things haha