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46 YO New Liifter, Recovery, Etc.

I’ve been doing Beginning Strength 5x5 for about 18 months. I’ve never lifted before in my life. Last year I finally had my T levels checked and I came back low normal T - 4 pts above the lowest in the range 254 250/1100. Since then I’ve gotten on HRT. I feel awesome and I’m progressing again adding plates etc.

My current workout is M-W-F. I’m wondering, how many of you are having issues with recovery if you workout daily? I tried it before T replacement last year and I stalled and needed to de-load frequently. I’m wondering if now that my T levels are normalized I can handle working out daily. I suspect I’ve been low normal my whole life so I have some catching up to do.

How many of you that are over 40 lift daily? How is your recovery?


Hello and welcome. I am about your age and I lift anywhere from 3-5 days per week, I find it’s not the frequency that impacts my recovery, but the volume/intensity issues.
Like a lot of people I will get a bug in my ass about “not doing enough” and then adding days/sets/exercises in an attempt to feel more productive, but I tend to get my best results when I get more rest and control my volume. When I do too much I invariably hurt myself and end up sidelined for a bit.
Honestly if you are making gains on 3 days a week I would stay on that schedule until progress stalls, getting results with less work/time commitment is an awesome thing.

I guess the thing is that I feel like I need to catch up. I’m going to wait till I have a full 6 weeks on HRT and see how I feel to crank up volume. Its strange to realize that all this time it was my lack of Total T that was the issue, my Free T has always been decent. I should easily be 50% larger than I am given the weight Ive moved over the last 18 months…sigh

[quote]threepercenter wrote:
I guess the thing is that I feel like I need to catch up. [/quote]

Stop feeling like that :slight_smile:

I haven’t been injured since I quit worrying about catching up…get your plan written down and stick with it…baby steps…

I’m 42 and work out 4 days a week…5/3/1 with a de-load week DEFINITELY needed every 4th week mainly to stay sane.

Set some goals…make them doable and then do them…GETTING HYOOGE is not a goal nor is WORKOUT EVERY DAY YO ! :slight_smile:

For me it’s all about recovery. I know my body well enough now to know when I’m pushing the limit. 3 to 4x per week and like Brian said, it depends on volume and intensity. I’ve had to go to the extreme of way too much volume/intensity and then back off from there until I find the sweet spot on recovery/strength gains. I’m 53 and never had my T tested and no interest in doing so. I’m sure its much lower than it use to be, but I’m slowly making gains and hitting PR’s so I guess it’s OK.
Prilepins Table is a good guide for volume/intensity. The data is based on Oly lifters but can be tweaked for your basic compound lifts.

What’s your workout right now? Did the doc say you have to wait 6 weeks before expecting anything to happen?

Thanks for all the replies. I’m a neophyte, never lifted before and have never had the body comp that I would consider primal. I’ve always been skinny-fat. I work out in my garage, I have a cage, oly bar and benches. I do sit-ups before every workout as a way to warm up, a few stretches then I launch into back squats, overhead presses or bench presses and dead lifts or barbell rows. I then do pull-ups or dips when done. I basically do no cardio work whatsoever. I was running eod when I started stalling last time. Everything is 5x5 with warmups.

I’m in decent shape, calipers say my body fat is in the 9% range now, but I believe I’m more like 12-15%. This is down from being in the mid 20s a year ago. I eat very cleanly, only source of carbs are ethanol based on the weekends and veggies and healthy starches during the week. I easily eat 1g/lb body weight in protein.

Doc said it would be a month until I started really feeling stronger. That’s in a week or so.

3x week is fine if the days are based on heavy compound lifts, which Starting Strength is. Just add in a day or 2 of sprints or prowler work. Say Tuesday and Saturday.

Trust me you will “feel” just fine. The sprints will actually make you stronger and fitter.

You can thank me later :slight_smile:


Pullups and dips in good form . . . good bodyfat . . . sounds like you’ve been doing well.

Any good articles out there re: sprint modalities? dr. google has come up with a few, but they all vary a bit in protocol.

Welcome aboard and good luck with your goals.

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