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46 Y/O Low T Cypionate, Deca and EQ Stack Opinions


This is long, feel free to skip.

So I am a 5ft 8in tall former fat guy. I went from weighing 190lbs in 2005 to 267lbs in 2011, down to 205 in 2014 back up to 220lbs now. Started lifting in 2012, now I am pretty muscular, I can bench about 275 and dead about 375. I still have a beer gut but otherwise like the way I look, but I am concerned about continuing to gain weight.

My diet is pretty clean, I eat lots of protein, whole grains and veggies most of the time. I travel a lot for work and eat out a lot, so there are the occasional burger and fries, and sometimes I do overeat even the healthy stuff.

I drink too much. It’s probably why I haven’t been able to lose more weight. I am sure a doctor would say I am an alcoholic. I don’t drink myself to sleep or miss work or sneak drinks during the day or anything, but most week nights I will have 2-6 beers or drinks and more on weekends. I know I need to moderate it but I find it hard to do. It’s a social thing for me. I will keep working on it.

A year or so ago I went to a urologist and had my T level checked and I was 210. He started me on 400mg of cyp once a month, and on a follow up check my level was 320 a mid month. He increased me to 500mg every three weeks and last check at mid cycle I was around 500. I wanted to go to every two weeks but doc won’t do it.

I want to feel better, get stronger and get motivated to lose some weight so I am supplementing with a weekly shot of 200mg cyp, 200mg Deca and 200mg EQ. I Skip the supplement the week I get the 500mg of cyp. I am three weeks in and I definitely feel better. I am also hoping this stack, along with continued heavy lifting, will minimize the fat from the extra alcohol calories.

What do you all think? Is this a decent cycle given my goals?

New Doc, New Labs, New Questions
Will 500mg of Test C Every 3wks Shut Down Natural Production?

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Your doc is an idiot, you need to self inject:
50mg T twice a week
0.5mg anastrozole at time of injection [oral]
250iu hCG SC EOD [injection]
You can inject SC or IM with #29 insulin syringes

Need more info about you. Age? +++

Do you use iodized salt to support thyroid function?


Hi, thanks, I did read the stickies. Obviously I need to find a new doctor. I will find my last labs and post them. One thing I do recall is that my GP told me my vitamin D was extremely low, which surprised me as it is in my multi.

I am 46, my waist is 41" but pants size is 34". I do eat iodized salt, I supplement with fish oil, creatine, glucosomine chondroitin (I am sure I spelled that wrong) and opti-men multi.

I have never taken hair loss drugs or prostate drugs. My libido comes and goes and I sometimes have problems maintaining an erection.

Do the other roids like EQ and Deca have the same effect on your sense of well-being being like T does?


Wow, you need a new doc! This is a TRT forum. If you want to do steroid cycles like adding deca to TRT, then post your questions on the pharma forum.