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46% of Mississippi Republicans want Interracial Marriage Ban


When usual Republican primary voters in the state of Mississippi were asked if they think interracial marriage should be legal or illegal, a whopping 46 percent said it should be illegal, compared to 40 percent who think it should be legal. The remaining 14 percent were unsure.

Now this is interesting to say the least. I find it confusing, nay, astounding that you still allow this sort of thing.

And by this sort of thing I mean, why do you still let Mississippi vote?


Them aint no Rasssists Them is God FEEErin PATERIOTIC peepull


OMG People from Mississippi are racist who would have thought.

I support your call not to let the state vote.


I hear Mississippi plans on adopting a new state motto:

Mississippi: Why marry outside your race when you can marry your cousin?


(CNN) â?? Mississippi Democratic voters were sharply divided among racial lines in Tuesday's primary, exit polls indicate.

As has been the case in many primary states, Obama won overwhelming support from African-American voters. They went for him over Clinton 91-9 percent.

But Mississippi white voters overwhelmingly backed the New York senator, supporting her over Obama 72 percent to 21 percent.

According to the Associated Press, only two other primary states were as racially polarized - neighboring Alabama, and Clinton's former home state of Arkansas.

The exit polls also indicated roughly 30 percent of Mississippi Democratic voters said race was an important factor in their vote, and 60 percent of those voters supported Obama.

In Ohio, roughly 1 in 5 voters said race factored into their decision. Roughly 60 percent of those voters p


It is true Makaveli. Mississippi is pretty bad, but look who wrote the article, a propaganda arm for our shitless leader in power.
Also John S. what about the 95 percent of blacks who voted for Obama and we both know why. Lets keep them from voting as well.

Also as a minority I once drove through the backwoods of Alabama and Mississippi. I prayed to God and not giving me a flat tire out there. Got so many ugly looks from Blacks and Whites. It was an interesting experience its like up in Idaho where its bad as well.


Can someone please post the actual question, just so I can get that out of the way and move on to other conclusions?

Also, in missippi isn't a bisexual defined as someone who sleeps with sheep AND pigs?


In light of the OP's poll, which is really just another piece of evidence to throw on top of a veritable pile of similar instances of Southern racism (especially within the Republican party), they'd have had to have been literally self-loathing to vote otherwise.


How DARE you call them racists? Thats all you leftists ever do, when people disagree, is make baseless personal attacks against them.

I'm sure they all have rational, valid, carefully considered reasons to oppose interracial marriage, and racial bigotry has nothing to do with it.

Them thinking interracial coupling is wrong doesn't make them bigots, you leftist. You just cant accept that others dont think like you and you try to browbeat them into shame.


Was the same question asked of Democrat Primary voters? What was the result?


What's confusing about it? This is the same State that overwhelmingly voted to keep the Confederate Flag as its State symbol. They are a bunch of backward ass hillbillies down there (of all colors).


really? what parts of idaho? I live in southern idaho and have not personally seen what you are talking about. I have traveled all through southern idaho with my black, asian, and indian friends. Never felt uncomfortable, never seen any eyes.

The only thing i have seen is in some of the communities that are 95 - 100% mormon. They have some sixth sense as to whether or not you are mormon and can give you some looks. But it has nothing to do with color.

About 2 dozen racists up in northern idaho have tarnished the entire states reputation on the subject.


Bullshit about the Idaho reference....there are a TON of mexicans that live all over Idaho, unless you were wearing a tee-shirt that said FUCK WHITEY nobody gave you a second look.


And while I think this is a fucking horrible thing (I have two cousins-in-law that are black).... go to any website or blog that is aimed at an African American audience....and read the comments after ANY picture posted of a black man and a white women.

You will see countless comments by black women posters deriding the black male for "dating/marring out side his race" let us not act like this is simply a white problem.

The same percentage of blacks and whites are racist about interracial relationships.

Edit :

Black website entry discussing why Michelle Obama's sister had the audacity to marry a white man.



Yes really it was a small town close to Oregon. I went to visit an Army buddy there, we went across..it was so long ago. Im not saying it is all over but it was worse than what I experienced in Mississppi. We walked into a market store and I had all eyes on me and my white buddy.

And yes UtahLama I know there are a bunch Mexicans up there hell I bet some are my cousins. You know how Mexicans breed.
It was almost surreal, I walked in and it seemed like the whole store stopped. My white buddy did not know about this place. All eyes where on me we walked around the store for a while and I heard some damn snickers. So me and my buddy walked away. My buddy is from Oregon but I do not know the exact spot except its nearby Idaho.
And no it was not bullshit. Luckily I had a weapon on me just in case.


LOLOLOLOL......you had a weapon, just in case?


Dude, well trolled.......well trolled indeed.

I'll play along however.

Every farmer in there (and I assume the majority were farmers if you were in a rural area in Idaho) has latinos that work for them. So the site of a dark skinned fella, with a white guy no less would be just about the most normal thing they could see.

They were probably laughing at your sideways hat.


Soundly Seconded. However, I would ask where these polls were taken inside the state. I just had a conversation not a week aho with a friend of mine about MSNBC putting out a report that something like 60% of tea party people were against interracial marriage....except they only polled people in 1 town in one state (i believe it was arkansas, but not sure) and then used that to address the tea party movement. Shady to say the least.

So while it is despicable, I would like to know if the poll was twisted in any way. I'll never argue the presence of racism in the south, but I like to double check my polls just to see if they really say what they say.


As someone who has tons of family from Mississippi, went to college there, and lived there for the better part of 5 years, I can vouch for the fact that there is as much race issue of blacks against whites as there is the reverse, if not more so, especially in the Southern part of the state. The Nothern part of the state is relatively amicable amongst races, separate some due to cultures hanging out with their respective cultures and minimal overlap but very little hostility or racism. I've experienced more racism for me being white while down in the delta areas hunting than I ever have anywhere in Atlanta (where I live now) or in the Northern areas of Mississippi.

People just don't like change and prefer to remain homogenous.


Lol..wow UtahLama nice of you to place the stereotype on me my friend. We where going hunting fellow Lama. Also my head is too big for a hat. And before you paint another steroetype Im an American, I will say kill Mexi before American.
So please quit making fucking assumptions.


what's funny is blacks feel way stronger about all this than whites as evidenced by this:

this is not an isolated incident either, just google it.