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45lb Clubbell Too Light?

I recently bought a 45lb clubbell. Some people I respect think it is too light to elicit any real strength gains ( a guy on Dr Squats forum) . It is extremely hard to use and requires 2 hands . Any experience here guys or opinions.

give it to some one like brian shaw and it would not do anything for him
if it takes 2 hands for you to use it, it will make you stronger by the time you are using it with one hand
then as reps increase it becomes a conditioning tool
will not make you a powerlifter so depends on your goals

Onnit was having a sale so I bought a 35 lbs club from them thinking it would be good for warm ups and some conditioning. It turned out to be MUCH heavier than I expected. So yes, because of the way it is designed it feels heavier than it appears.

‘It is extremely hard to use and requires 2 hands’

I think you pretty much just answered your own question here.

I can use for 10 reps on my right hand now. Getting back into OL lifting helped a lot. I had not practised it.
Your grip doesn’t have to be as good as you might think . I did use Bottom Up Kettlebell walks with a 24kg kettlebell 54 lb or whatever.