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450 Raw Bench @ 198!


Check out the video:



that's impressive. The best relative strength lift I have ever seen was when a junior in my highschool about 5 years back benched 345 at 160lb, but he was only 5'6 :slight_smile:


that's sick..




That was badass. It looked like he may have had some left to go heavier. I wonder where his true max is.


Yeah, all three reps looked really smooth. He probably had another 10 in him. Very impressive.


Wow, my lifting partner just hit 375 raw at 195 and I thought that was impressive...(5'10")...

This guy is sick!


born to bench!


Jesus. He doesn't look that jacked, and his arch isn't even that big. What is the highest raw bench under 200lbs? I know it's at least 500, but I'm not sure what the max is.


fred boldt from westside has hit 597 at 181. granted that was with a shirt, but i have heard back from friends that went up to train in columbus that the kid is totally capable of 475-500 raw. little guys like that will always have the advantage in terms of relative strength, but you still gotta love guys like mendelson that can go 900ish with a shirt and 700+ without.


Impressive. Put a bench shirt on and break some records.



You do know that there are records without bench shirts, don't you?


Dude, that guy is ridiculous!!!! (Plus he's wearing the same shoes I do when I work out)



sure, there are raw records. I don't know where they exist. Can you help me find them?



WoW and double WoW! I can't believe how controlled he was. 198 must be how much he weighs?

I loved watching this video. As he pushes the bar up, was it going straight or a little slanted towards the bar hooks? There was hardly an arch compared to Louis Simmons' lifters in my videos. I wonder how he psches himself for the 450.

Get another video of a bench with diff. technique if you can. How fun!!


The shoes. It's gotta be the shoes. Where can I get a pair?
That is just pure awesome power!


I read on the forum from people that were at the meet that day, that he was sick and throwing up that day...


I don't get it. On other bench competitors, the bar is clearly slanted meaning one side is stronger than the other as long as he is able to completely stretch both arms to the top for his 1 RM.

I think this particular video is still my favorite.


I remember hearing something about people performing better when they're sick.

Something to do with your body's defense system kicking in.

The example they used was Jordan having one of his best games when he was sick.


In case you want to download the file: