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45, Tired a Lot, Hard to Make Gains in Gym. Looking for Info


Could be all of the above.


Day two of being on T, T3 and DHEA. All my anxiety symptoms gone. Must have been all of the above as you said and my body was not used to all that.

Systemlord, I read in another thread you said 200mg of T was the top limit for people. That’s what Defy has me on. Is it common to stay on a high dose like that or taper down as time and blood work come in?


Then they must know something I do not, Defy Medical doesn’t do something without reason. There must be one, perhaps you hyper metabolize testosterone and you have high SHBG which higher doses are used to lower SHBG. Since you’re working with Defy you shouldn’t worry about it.


I trust them…was curious as I respect your opinion. You’re correct in that I have a high SHBG. It was in the 70’s of a top range of 55 I think.