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45 Pound Plate Hub Lift


Here's a video of me lifting a 45 pound plate by the hub. I found the plate at Dick's sporting goods.

I trained to get the finger strength to do this by using a hub lift trainer at wwww.ironmind.com

I attached the trainer to a bucket, and added a handful of sand to the bucket each time I completed a workout. Eventually it got heavy enough that I can now hub lift the 45.



You're in great company


After reading this I figured I'd try it since I thought it might not be too difficult, based on how easily and quickly you lifted the plate. It's a ton more difficult that I thought it would be. Nice work!


Thanks. I worked hard to be able to do that.

Best of luck.




I bet you have a wicked solid handshake.


I rarely bear down when shaking hands. But if somebody is going to give me a "hard handshake" to show me who's boss, I have a little surprise for them...


Grip people are freaks.

Kidding. Nice lift.




Weird, I was just watching this over on the Gripboard...


HAHA. Ego thing. I worked on this so long...