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45# Plate Droppped On Foot


Yesterday whilst unloading the leg press, somehow and I dont even remember how, I dropped a plate on my foot. Fell from about waist high and landed vertically across the top of my foot. As you can see by the picture, got me some swelling and bruising. Hurt when I did it, but the second day (today) no pain. I can feel the swelling with my socks on. Walking fine.

Went to urgent care expecting the worst and they took 3 xrays which all came back ok. No fractures. Just need to ice, elevate and stay off it when possible. I guess I have to take a week off from deadlifting.

(Oh and the pinky toe on the right foot was cut off in an accident when I was 13. Not related to the dropping of the plate.)


Thats pretty nasty looking. Did you try and play it cool and sneak out of the gym to avoid embarrassment or did you make a big scene? lol

I dropped a 25 lb plate on my foot vertically like that while unloading a bench once, and that shit fucking HURT, for about 2 weeks after that whenever i walked i could feel a bone moving around in my foot or something and it was extremely uncomfortable.


my god that looks nasty, I would have thought you broke a bunch of metatarsals. But since the x-rays were negative, it's just a ridiculously bad contusion.

please take better care of your feet, though. Your track record sucks, lol.


also, I've dropped a 40 lb DB on my big toe. The nail had dried blood under it for about 8 months until finally the nail grew long enough to where I could pull out all the nasty stuff. nasty indeed.


Similar thing happened to me, was barefoot in my basement with cement floors and knocked one of those big ass wrench kits off a table, thing had to have weighed like 30 lbs. Somehow it only hurt my long toe right next to the big one. The toe was broken, hurt like hell, and the nail ended up falling off about a week later. During that week there was like 5 different times it just randomly started gushing blood out from under the nail, nasty indeed.

And yeah, i cant believe that there's nothing broken and OP said it doesnt hurt with how badly swolen that is, it looks terrible.


yeah, looks worse than it feels. I got lucky. And I finished my workout before I left. It was just leg extensions and leg curls that were left.


midfoot fractures can be difficult to see on xray sometimes. If you continue to have pain after a few weeks go in to see someone.

Edit: nvmd, doesn't look like the midfoot in the pic. compression stocking may help the swelling


My wife dropped a 25# plate on her big to. Called me and went back to squatting.. Went to the ER for an x-ray and found her toe was broke. They gave her some tape and sent her home.


thats because she went to the ER. what part of utah are you in


Salt Lake


2 things:

-Just want to point out that your name is extremely appropriate for this

-Have you ever considered a career in foot modeling?


Ha, yeah the name is from way back when I used to play Doom online. I was always laying on the floor bleeding in that game.


Edit: NVMD, sent PM instead