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$45 Oil & $2 Gasoline

"…we are entering a new Renaissance in the oil market, not just in the US, but globally as well.

New technology, slower growth in the emerging markets over the next decade, and an era where a decade of high prices will finally bear some fruit with market dynamics working as their supposed to leading to more supply, and an eventual reduction in prices.

Expect this new era to manifest itself in giving the entire world a tax break, and small businesses and consumers worldwide will have more disposable income, and sectors such as retail, entertainment, transportation, and global travel will benefit as a result of this sea change in the oil industry.

I could even envision the manufacturing industry in the US getting a large piggyback effect as the US will have some of the cheapest energy costs of anywhere in the world for starting a business with an abundance of natural gas, oil and petroleum products for the next decade at a low and stable price.

How does $45 a barrel oil and $2 a gallon gas sound? Something the peak oil folks thought was an outright impossibility just 5 years ago."


Let the T.E.A. Party and Sarah Palin clean out Washington DC, get term limits on Congressmen and a balanced budget amendment, plus cheap gasoline = another American century.

I’m not giving much hope to the conservatives in the next few years (nothing I have seen at the moment, anyway. If anyone has any ideas on a politician that has enough patience to listen to the other side’s argument and…you know…actually explain why their plan is better rather than using one liners).

You have just right of center Republicans who used up all of Reagan’s political equity on their mercantile policies. If Reagan was back, he’d have half of the 47% and his own 47%.