45 Degree leg press

Ok, my best body part is my legs. I’m 6’2 and my thighs are a tight 29 inches around. My favorite exercise is the 45 degree leg press. The last year I have been bringing my legs down to exactly 90 degrees. I have had no knee pain and everything seems good. But I hear some people say the correct way is to let your legs go all the way down and others say only 90 degrees. Can you guys help me out and give me some insight on what is better. Thanks.

Hi Iron Freak, You can come down as low as you like so long as your back stays on the pad and your knee allignment is correct (knees not dipping in), with most people the back would be ok performing a full range leg press if the feet are kept high on the platform. I assume that your doing this as well as squatting! But that’s a different subject.

Go down as far as you can maintain neutral spine/lordodic lifting posture. If you let your lower back press into the pad and round its just as bad as doing a squat that way. Very hard on the disks.