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45 Degree Leg Press

Would it possible to get some comments in reference to the 45 LP. Warm up 2 x 15/20 80kg, 1 x 12 160kg, 1 x 10 200kg, 1 x 8 240kg, 1 x 8 280kg and 1 x 6 320kg, 1 x 6 340kg.

I do vary my foot placement during the warm up but generally I have them half way up the plate and slightly past shoulder width length.
I always bring my knees down fully on either side of my chest. But the nearer they get to my chest my glute and lower back always role back and raise up.

Please if you have the time, can anybody please tell me why this happens?

I think you are just bringing your knees too far down. You can place your feet a bit lower on the platform and get the same knee extension without involving the hips so much. I know the higher I place my feet on the platform the farther back I have to bring my knees to get them to bend beyond 90 degrees. Placing your feet lower also anchors your hips to the seat more.

Thanks Mytch
That makes sense. I had my mate take a couple of pictures and took a video of 1 set. The pictures were taken of a lighter set and I feel my hips aren’t coming up quite as far as I thought they were. As with the video, after analysing it I thought I could come down more.

But I’m going to try the same poundage but with my feet lower down the plate and see how that feels. I’ll see if I can attach 1 picture and the video but if I can’t thanks again for your advice. I didn’t think anyone would get back to me to be honest with you.