45 Degree Back Raise For Hams, Glutes & Lower Back???

Guys, does anyone use the 45 Degree Back Raise to hit their posterior chain(Hams, Glutes & Lower Back)?? Is it REALLY effective?? A guys wants to sell me his for $100 because he’s moving. It normally sells for $225-$250 and is practically brand new. I’m more of a bodybuilder than a powerlifter, but I still like to focus on getting stronger on my Deads & Squats, especially my Hamstrings. Do you think the 45 Degree Back Raise hits that area EFFECTIVELY?? What do you think??

I’d get it if it was $100 for sure.

I like choking jumpstretch bands around the base and putting them over my neck.

I own one of these and while i would rather have a GHR i must say they are pretty good. If you bend your knees a little you activate the hamstrings more and you can definitely feel it. Grab a 45lb plate and away you go. You can add bands for extra resistance and do them single legged for a bigger challenge. Great as a back prehab/rehab tool. For a $100 dollars you can’t really go wrong.

I agree with creed. that’s how i train on the 45* by bending my knees a bit. I’d kill for a realy GHR with bench from ELITFS. Better than nothing i guess.

Do these with a blue band around the base. it will tear you up.

I also agree with creed. I use it a lot with no resistance to get blood flow to my lower back to ease pain and help recovery.

I do these at least twice a week. Sometimes for recovery purposes, other times holding a plate or tow, sometimes with a barbell behind my neck and other variations. It’s a great accessory lift.

Actually,haven’t Jim Wendler and other Westside dudes being using the 45 Degree Back Raise with a bar held behind their neck (on the traps)?

Fat Panda, that’s exactly how I plan to use it. With a weighted barbell on my shoulders going down and coming to a full extension. I REALLY want to strengthen my hams, glutes & lower back to increase my Squats & Deads. I heard they kill your Hams that way!!!

Goldberg - I did raises tonight with bands and DAMN they hit hard. I’ve used 45 lb plates and even dumbells for more weight but the bands really take it up a notch. Excellent tip…Thanks!

Only $100? Ask him if he has another one.

I personally like using a barbell on the back, it works really well. If done on a parallel hyperextension bench with weight on the back it is even more difficult.

I agree with everyone else these definitely hit your hams and low back hard and would be well worth $100

You definately need to use bands for this otherwise there is not enough tension at the top of the raise to really hit the hams with the knees bent.

Ok Goldberg, Baby Huey & Loopfit, I have two questions. How do you hold the bands after putting it at the base? Where do you buy the bands??

Bands can be purchased at elitefts.com. Put it around your neck.

Train hard,

These are great with a Safety Squat bar or Cambered bar.

Should you keep an arched back when doing these or is it okay to round?

Depends what effect you are after. Rounded would hit your erectors more and arched would lessen their activity. Both are valid ways of performing the exercise.
Use both!

Place the bands around the back or the front of the neck? I don’t want to choke myself. LOL…