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45 Degree Back Ex

I was doing these last night with the bar across my back. They are a great exercise but the only problem I had was getting the bar behind my neck. Does any one else do these, and if you do how do you get the bar into the starting posistion for the exercise?

I do these heavy for sets of 6-8 reps and even if you get it ON your shoulders, the last few reps will be rough. I think it is wise just to have a spotter there to help get it on your shoulders but more importantly to help get it off.

Another idea if you can’t get a spotter is to use heavy dumbells and cradle them up high on the chest.

You can get good result with a lower weight.
Use two dumbells, during the concentric part hold the dumbells close to your chest. At the top straighten your arms out in front of you and lower slowly.

Works great.

Heavy med ball holding and a mini band behind head work great … (both together)

The safty squat bars is a BITCH