45/10/45 Macros

Recently I’ve been eating following a 45/10/45 split for Fats/Carbs/Protein. I eat roughly 2600-2800 kcal a day, am 6’5 weigh 234 lbs. Trying to cut BF losing as little muscle as possible. I train 6-7 days a week. Any thoughts, experiences?


Mine was 50/25/25. protein making up the bulk of my diet. All my fats came from flax seeds, olive oil and fish oil tabs. My cardio was 5 days per week, 30minutes per session at 70%-I’m going to die if I don’t stop. This is what I did, it worked with my body. Consequently, it might not work for you.

I have used a very similar ratio for weeks at a time to good effect in terms of fat loss, but my calories were below maintenance. Everyone is different, but I found that about 2 weeks was my limit for sticking with this ratio before having some nasty fatigue or other side effects. If you start to notice a big drop in performance, take a couple days to get some healthy carbs in and up the calories a bit if you are under maintenance. Even about 150g-200g for 2 days really made a world of difference for me psychologically and physiologically, and then it was easy to get back at the 45/10/45 or something close to it.

up the fat to 50-55% to reduce fatigue and reduce protein breakdown chances. then add in a carb meal when you feel like the 5lb weights are 45lbs