44Y/O - Checkin Myself

Hey everyone, New to the board. Not new to lifting. I have trained on and off for the last 25 years. Im about to be 44. As of right now I’ve been consistently lifting for 1.5 years at least 4 days a week and tracking nutrition for the past year. Not very strong. but become alot stronger in the past 12 months. Before I began I was 5’10 about 169. skinny fat. No muscle definition to speak of.

I did stoppani’s shortcut to size program, and bulked up. Gained 35lb. Got up to 204lb. Then began to cut in January. Right now I’m 184. It took me a about a month to dial in my caloric deficit. Im eating 2100 cal per day. At least 200g of protein per day. Started the cut with my macros at 40/40/20, but now Im experimenting with 35/40/35, carbs/protein/fats.

When i look in the mirror, i don’t notice any muscle definition at all. but Im hoping itll come as i continue to lean down.

I don’t really know how to quantify my goals. I’ve never been to 12% bf but looking at some onlline pics that’s where I’d like to be. Im far from it.

In the past 18mo my bench 1rm has gone from 185 to 240. Squat started at 200 ish and now I can do 290. Deadlift has really improved. No idea how much a 1rm was when I started but I can do 315 for 5 now.

After 2 rounds of stoppani’s sts, I’m now doing the full body 5x per week program set out on Jeff Nippards videos. Volume is between 16 and 19 sets per muscle group per week.

I don’t really know if what I do is optimal. I’d like to get some feedback from people that have done a bulk and cut. Guys that have cut down to 12%


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congrats on your progress so far. Welcome to T-Nation.

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I love that program. I’ve run it at least a half dozen times over the years.

Clarify… that’s 110%

Don’t focus on a number. Focus on the mirror. As you said you know where you want to look like from other photos. Now how realistic are they is the question? Time isn’t on your side and by that I mean your youth is behind you and it’s more difficult in middle age. My advice is set realistic goals and be fair with yourself.

I’ve tried bulk and cut. It works for awhile but after you’ve reached your peak frame muscle mass you’re better at dialing in your nutrition and see where you end up steady state on a healthy diet with proper caloric intake and macros. Yo-yoing with bulk and cut isn’t necessarily healthy or the best approach after a certain point IMO.

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typo. 35 40 25

Awesome, that’s what I’m running as well and so far so good!

I feel good. Havent had much trouble keeping the calories at 2100. At first i was down from 3200 to 2500. Then 2400 23 22 and at 2100. The scale started trending down. So im reckoning thats the magic number for me

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