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442lb Hands-Free Squat

Cool video of Marko Patteri squatting 200 kg/442 lbs hands free.


interesting. not sure what to else to say

Can’t watch the video but that reminds me of this dude I met at my dad’s gym. He’s like a 5’5", 150 pound Vietnamese dude with one arm (he sports his stump of a left arm all out with no cover). My dad introduced me to the guy and after he left he said "that’s the baddest mother fucker in this gym. He got that arm blown off back in Vietnam when he was fighting along with us in South Vietnam’s army.

That dude used to come in here, slap three plates on each side, get in the squat rack, throw his good arm behind him like he was scratching his back and hold the bar that way and bust out 10 reps ass to heels." Off topic but it made me think of that guy.

Note how his friends stood waaaaaaay back…

ATG. Nice.

I fucking love this video.

That’s sick.

take note how easy that was for him also

thts freakin awesome

That fucking rocks.

[quote]Pipes06 wrote:
take note how easy that was for him also[/quote]

Yeah, I noticed that.

Looks like his traps and rear delts are big enough to get the job done. Cool.

lol I would never attempt to try this even If i could raw squat 700+, seems too dangerous but it was very impressive control and balance.