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440lbs Raw Bench at 185


My brother (21, unsupplemented - using whey) recently bench pressed 200kg at a weight of 84kg for a rep and a half with good form, working on getting video evidence of this then posting it, personally i thought this may be some sort of record?? i am 89-90kg now and can only bench 170......any thoughts on this lift at such a weight?


The british record for RAW, 83kg, under 23 is 140kg so 200kg is indeed a british record.


I'd definitely like to see a video of that.


thanks guyss will get a video asap!!!!!


I second that


That's an extremely impressive lift. It's definitely not an all time record though. The 165lbs weight class raw bench record is 485 and the 181 is 556. Also the 148 lbs is 435 which is also beyond crazy. I'm not sure about age though.


really?! he gets that for about 8reps lol


yeah wasnt think any sort of all time record, live in Britain was thinking more regional. I know the US records are quite mad as lifting is a big think from high school


the english r weak


jk. amazing lift if its true


hahahha, yeh its true as true can be


Impressive indeed!! Anytime you have someone doing a raw double bodyweight bench, that is a strong, STRONG individual. Looking forward to the video for sure.


Does he post here? If not, he should.


nah he doesnt, jus doin it on his behalf cause i thought it was impressive and wanted to get some other informed opinions, hell probably make an account soon