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440lb Zercher,90lb Pistol


The forms a little sketchy on both lifts...but maxes arent always perfect...these lifts were done by a me and a friend

critique welcome good and bad


I don't know what good weights are for those but they looked impressive. The zercher squat looks painful, impressive, but painful.


I didn't really see anything wrong with em.

Good lifts.

As far as unilateral work I would think you could find something more useful than pistols.

Just a personal opinion, though.


Fuck yeah- the Zercher was nice.


Pistols are awesome for unilateral. IMO

Try holding 1 db in the hand on the same side you are squatting with. Instead of 2 35s hold 1 90lb.


Nice work man.


I agree with the Zercher, that's one exercise I've never seen before but it looks painful on the inner elbow. If you don't get points for the big weight, you get points for being tough and having no pain receptors in your inner arm.


Awesome work! How the hell do you do pistols holding the DBs at your side like that?


Zercher is pretty fine, the pistol not so much.
It's a bad exercise for maximal strength.

Strong lifting-


Why do you think the pistol is bad for maximal strength?


thanks for the feedback people, we'll try some of those pistol ideas next time..I'm still trying to get one off myself lol

zercher lifts really dont hurt so long as you chalk your arms up...what does hurt is when you're trying to z-deadlift and the bar rolls down your forearms, then it turns into a z-curl

trying to get a new my back squat recorded but the chase for 500 is coming up short at 480...least the form is way cleaner then on the zercher

more vids of us on the way...zercher deadlifts, bent presses, back squats, and a few muscle ups :]


Your kidding me right? A person who can do a one legged squat is easily more functional, injury resistant, and has more unilateral strength that can be carried over to the regular squat.

Props to the pistol squat!!!!


Explain how it makes them more "functional".

Explain what you mean by "functional".

Any studies showing that one legged squats SPECIFICALLY make you more injury resistent that 2 leggers?

I would imagine the majority of people can do a one leg squat anyway.


I can think of a lot of people i know that cant do a pistol.


doubt it, requires a LOT of balance and flexibility. If you can do one with bodyweight your doing good.


What the hell does that mean?

Whatever. Pistols may help with specific squat weaknesses, but it will never prepare you to have 600 pounds on your back.


oh shit, not the ''functional'' debate again, run for the hills, its the only way to escape.


A pistol is a good exercise. I love it. But I wouldn't place too much effort in maxing out.

A pistol is but one way of unilateral squatting. And the pistol is the most demanding because you need flexibility/mobility as well as coordination/balance.

Of course a weighted pistol is hard. But that is not the point. It's essentially the Bench Press vs Bosu Ball Press discussion. Why would you test your max with an exercise which causes you to wobble and cheat your way up?

Besides, by doing only one or two repetitions, you don't really reap the benefits of the pistol (balancing/mobility) as it is apparent in the video -by which I don't want to discredit the accomplishment.

In my opinion, do pistols for reps.

As for being a "safer exercise" (then the squat) by making the guy more injury resistent, I'd like to see some data beforehand. Mindlessly paraphrasing some coach's latest hype can be deceiving. A one legged squat is certainly tougher on the knees. The load is higher while more stabilization has to be maintained.


If you can do a pistol in both legs for the same amount of reps, your body is less likely to compesnate on one side during the squat since strength would be almost equal.