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440kg Deadlift


Benedikt Magnusson deadlifted 440kg at a wpo meet in finland this weekend. He saved everything for the deadlift only lifting 130kg in the squat and the bench. He opened the deadlift with 426kg and then went to 440kg. In his final lift he got 455kg up to his knees. Andy Bolton got 427,5kg in the deadlift.

btw Benedikt (or Benni as he is usually called) is only 22 years old


What did Bolton total? Will Benni break 1000 pounds soon then if he got 455 to his knees?


He'll do 450+ in no time.

My eyes fell out of my head when i read he pulled 400 kg for 4 reps,easy.

Iceland produces some monsters.


I just got to bump this thread cuz there arent enough replies of OMG WTF! For those who are foreign challenged, 440 kg equals 970 pounds, bout 35ish more than the prior world record and HE'S 22 YEARS OLD PEOPLE! When i saw the video i honestly had chills run through my body.


If anyone has a link to the video I'd love to see it. I'd like to see his missed attempt at 1000lbs. too.



It's amazing what the human body is capable of . . . with the proper work put into it.


check out
for the vid



Holy mother of crap....GOD WHY AM I SO WEAK...!! WHY!! HE'S ONLY 3 YEARS OLDER THEN ME


Check out his last name, sound familiar? He's got beastly, beastly genetics.


I heard mister donnie thompson did also really great at that meet.



Those are the official results.

Benedikt (sp?) isn't related to Magnus Ver Magnusson, AFAIK.