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440 lbs Paused Front Squat

Does anyone else here do pauses on Front Squats? I like them for singles but not necessarily reps, unless I am just trying to make lighter weights much more difficult.

Decided to go heavy today… here is a single with 440 lbs and a decent pause:

Yeah. I think it’s one of the ballsiest lifts you can do.

Curious. In the early days of your strongman training, did you always front squat as means for support to strongman events or was the back squat the end all be all? I feel as if the front squat has been hyped in the last 5 years but before that, were things different?

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Yea man, I try to do mine with 6 second pauses just because I enjoy hating my life…

Here is a 430 from 2 weeks ago

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