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44 Yr Old on First Cycle of TRT, Help


Diet-Fairly clean (intermittent slip-ups)
Currently doing 'The Waterbury Method'and have been lifting on and off for the last 20 years. Additionally, I was a Collegiate and overseas Pro-level athlete in (hint: check out height).

I've just started Testosterone Replacement Therapy (as of last week):
200 mg/week Testosterone Cypionate
200 mg/week Deca
Anastrozole 1mg twice a week
HCG .25ml twice weekly
That cycle is for the first 10 weeks, then the following ten weeks just uses 50mg Stanozolol 3 times a week in place of the Deca.

First off, I'm curious to know if this quantity of dosage will achieve any tangible amounts of muscle gains. I realize that is a bit of a generalization, but I've seen many threads with people advising approximately twice that much Test to see anything significant.

I've also noticed on several other threads that members have stated, in regards to TRT, that you will have to do it for the "rest of your life." Why is this particular cycle fitted with the moniker "rest of your life" as opposed to any other type of cycle that someone would be on to see continuous gains? I'm assuming that all of the various cycles need to be continued for the rest of your life as well, but I don't want to assume necessarily.

Also, even though this therapy is done through an established clinic, I'm doing this 'therapy' for the same reason(s) that, again I'm assuming, everyone else on here is doing their particular 'therapy' for; increases in lean muscle and/or decreases in bodyfat. I'm hesitant to tell anyone at this clinic that I'm doing this therapy for anything but an actual therapy, although I imagine they are selling it for the same reason(s). It's simply for aesthetics. Any actual therapeutic gains would simply be a bonus, so I don't want to ask some of the questions that I'm asking on this post.

I'm not looking to compete in anything on a professional level (my basketball days are over), but I would like to be able to take my shirt off at the beach and have people notice to the point that they remark "geez, is that guy on steroids?" That would seem to be a flattering enough response.

I'm sorry for the somewhat amateurish questions, as I've tried to read the sticky's as much as possible.


TRT is the medically prescribed use of Testosterone in men who for one reason or another have low or insufficient levels of test, hypogonadism due to age (Andropause), surgery, drug use/abuse all can be causative factors.

The dose is commonly 100mg of Test a week with HCG used at the doctors discression (and education).

You are running a 'cycle' this is the use of AAS to increase muscle, size, performance, strength - or all of the above. Deca is highly suppressive to natural testosterone levels, and will also reduce libido through mechanisms that extra test will not solve. This is one of the reasons it is never used in medical TRT.

TRT is the replacement of natural testosterone for life, as you are incapable of producing it naturally anymore. A cycle of steroids will last a finite amount of time - from 4 weeks to generally around 16 weeks, with the most common lengths being inbetween at 8-12 weeks. They are designed for the results mentioned above, and as such use higher doses than TRT - which is dosed at that SPECIFICALLY as test Enanthate gives approx 70-80mg of Test per 100mg, and as such is the exact amount produced naturally.

As you can see, while your dosages are not as high as bodybuilders, it is SIGNIFICANTLY higher than TRT doses. And i for one would be very cautious running a drug like Deca at your age. no offence but i would not recommend a client of 44 use a progestin like that. It is going to severely impede potential recovery post cycle.



Thank you for the insight. You answered things in a way that nobody else seemed to be able to.

If Deca is a bad choice, and the choice of 'therapy' wasn't necessarily mine to make (in other words, I was like someone who takes their car to a mechanic and let's the so-called expert(s) tell me what to do for my car), does it matter that Deca gets replaced with Stanozolol the following 10-weeks? Is that something I need to discuss with them (the Clinic) if I'm able to make that change? And is that a beneficial change to make?

As I've said before, the Clinic, for the most part, I imagine, is just a legal front for someone to obtain legal AAS. Do you have any experience with these types of places?

In other words, if I tell them I want to do a different type of 'therapy', one that doesn't necessarily have anything to do with any kind of therapeutic value, but just will give me a specific look that I want, do they have some sort of obligation to act as though they're not able to do that?

It just seems like this is all a big Pink Elephant in the room and everyone has to play along like everything is on the up and up, when really nobody on either side is doing the therapy for therapy-sake. It just seems like a front, like some Waste Management company run by the Mafia.


brook is spot on, the "clinic" uses deca and test bfor "hrt" because they are readily availiable. no older male or anyone for that matter should be useing deca for HRT, its will seriously impact your already reduced abililty to produce testosterone.

If a cycle is what you are really after than just do a cycle, if legitimate HRT is what you are after see your family physician first and have bloodwork ran, if he feels it is fine and you do not ask for a referral to an endo. These clinics are just a front, your health is not their concern


i used to use a "hrt clinic" back in the day, i was on 800mg of test cypionate and 400mg of deca...by prescrition for "lethargy, lack of sex drive, and joint pain", LOL he was one of the guys that got wrapped up in the signature pharmacy mess. I am now seeeing a legitamate doctor now that i am over the whole "must be huge thing".

He prescribes 150mg per week, he allows me to regulate my own frequency, so i take 50 mg 3x per week, along with 250iu's of hcg twice per week. Unlike most i have not had to control e2 with arimidex. So thats all i take. Weird thing is i am in much better shape now than when i took huge amounts of drugs, and my arms are still over 20". In hindsight alot of it was just a huge waste and did more harm than good.


Seeing as i live in the UK and have a good number of connects (not to mention cannot afford to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars a month) i have no personal experience of such clinics, but i am aware of them and how they work.

I would suggest you read up on the different AAS that are available - legally these will include:

Anadrol - maybe
Anavar - maybe
Can't think of much else off the top of my head but it is basically any currently manufactured pharmaceutical human grade medications.

You choose your drugs dependant on your goals.

Unless the supplier actually sells (or includes) consultations with their product they may have great info - but be warned many simply upsell like this and for a newbie it is hard to seperate the cowboys from the 'native americans' so to speak.

I would decide what you want with no help from that source, then just order the 'therapy' from them only.

I don't mind helping here.



good luck


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