44 Year Old Looking for Feed Back

[quote]cavalier wrote:
Here’s the link to the guy I mentioned:

although to be honest most of the beginners’ logs tend to be the same thing:

  1. someone asks “How do I get big/strong, help me???”
  2. people respond “Didn’t you read any of the stickies?”
  3. he gives some information about diet / training / condition
  4. guys who grow just looking at a barbell can’t figure out why he’s having so much trouble and finally accuse him of being a wuss.

Anyway. As EyeDentist points out, asking for general info can often bring in too much. It can be confusing, even conflicting. Let’s take a deep breath and start over:

  1. If you’re unhappy now, then workout / diet / recovery must change.
  2. Your T is at a good level, so that’s not the problem.
  3. My first guess is that you need to start eating a LOT more meat, plus protein shakes.
  4. What weights can you currently lift? That can clue us in to your present condition.[/quote]

Aye Cav…you are right on the money. Don’t over-analyze, TMan. Just experiment and see what is best for you.