44 Y/O Male With Low T

You do need to get your doc on board for dose changes. You can control the divided doses side of things.

Typically, we have guys close to TT=900

With EOD dosing, your lab work will be more indicative of your status.

More Labs

Samples taken on 9-26-14
24 hours post injection
EOD Tcyp 28mg / HCG 250 iu

Total Test 660 Range 250 to 1100 Quest
Free Test 179.1 Range 36 to 155 Quest This is reported as High
SHBG 18 Range 10 to 60 Quest
E2 53 < or = 39 Quest
HCT 49 Range 42 to 52 Mercy Hospitals lab

I have started taking RC armidex to lower E2

Is my Free Test really that high? What is a normal number when things are tuned it properly?
How soon can I recheck my E2 numbers? Started Armidex on 9-29-14.


The link that you put in ksman is here was no good.

This seems odd. With high E2, SHBG should be higher and that then would lower FT.

Suggest that you get E2 under control then see how you feel. With these T levels, if you get E2 in the lower 20’s, you should feel a lot better and should be able to loose belly fat if you eat sensibly. The only thing that would hold that back would be sub-optimal thyroid function. Please re-visit comments above and in the thyroid basics sticky. You seem to have avoided my multiple attempts to engage you on the topic of iodized salt and iodine - this might be a key issue for you.