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.44 Magnum


If I must be 44...I better be a .44 Magnum

Still chasing PRs . Next meet is in 13 weeks so I've decided to log that journey here.

Best raw meet lifts this year

465 squat w/wraps
330 bench
562 Deadlift

Hit a 445 knee sleeve squat in training a few weeks back and easily paused 320 for a double last week...I'm definitely getting stronger.I'm running korte 3x3 up to this meet. My deadlift training has been primarily sumo. After 7 weeks, I think I'm starting to finally get the groove right.

My weight is holding between 197 and 200 now. Time to put in some work. travelling to Cincinnati tomorrow, planning on hitting a local gym after dinner to do some pulling.


This will be interesting to follow.


Good work Hara.

You feeling lucky...well are you?


Oh and Happy B-day!


Go ahead . . . make my workout.


Looks like training is going well. Are you going to try to make the 181's?


Thanks for the birthday wish.....punk.

I'm done sweating weight classes. Goal is to get as lean and strong as possible. I'm going to try to not get on a scale till January


Damn you for bringing me back here...lol.

I'm really looking forward to following your training this cycle. I expect not a lot of excitement but a lot of good work.



Good luck. I look forward to your progress.


Happy belated birthday. I agree scales are the enemy...


Long travel day in Cincinnati. Had a light dinner with clients then headed to a local health club.
Plan was to just test my deadlift and overhead press.

Sumo triples 135 to 455. The bar was super rigid and fat so I switched to conventional
Conventional pulls no belt till 500. Put belt on and pulled 525 for a double. Decided to back down so did doubles back down to 135.

Overhead press. Worked up to a 265 double. Tried for 275 twice but couldn't lock it out. Worked my way back down to bar.

4x12 chin-ups
Dips BWx 40, 45lbsx20, 90x10, BWx25
Ab work


Strong work. Well done!


That's funny


You are really frickin strong.


Wow, that's big time lifting in a strange gym.


So you weigh 200 and you knocked out 265 for a double on OHP? I'm not sure if I should congratulate you or give up lifting . You're one strong SOB for certain. Great work.


I don't go this heavy all that often, most of my training is in the 75%-85% range.


Nice OHP work.


That's really solid work. What's your progression like on OHP? I'm thinking about working up to a heavy triple then backing off of there. I don't think that it really contributes to my total but think it does contribute to shoulder health. I might have asked you already but do you plan on pulling sumo in Jan or is it just something you want to work on?



I don't do OHP every week. I alternate with sitting dumbell presses for 8-12 reps. I cycle up my OHP up by 5-10lbs for 5 reps every other week till I hit a PR or fail. Then I just start over again with really light weight. 3 weeks ago I hit a PR 225 for 6 reps...this gave me the confidence this week to test my 1 or 2 rep max.

I'm finding the harder I work my Sumo, the better my squat and conventional pull get. I've only been pulling sumo for around 2 months. If I can pull a fast 525 sumo in early January, I'll use it at my meet. We'll see how my body holds up.