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44 Hours Until Photo Shoot


Hey guys. I need some help, desperately.

First off, sorry for posting this in the BB section, I just thought this would be the best place to get advice on getting ready for something like this.

Anyways, my friend just started a clothing company and 5 days ago he springs on me that he needs me to put some of his clothes on for a photo shoot this monday. I thought that would be fine, i can continue bulking and look like i can slightly fill out a t-shirt.

Last night he tells me i will need to pose in some swimming trunks. I have gained a decently clean 12lbs this summer, i look fine with clothes on but i don't have the body for this type of thing. Last night after he tells me this i cut carbs and today i do an intense TBT to continue trying to use my glycogen stores.

I am thinking about continuing the no carb diet all of today and tomorrow(sunday). Come tonight after work i was going to cut water out of my diet and do another TBT sunday night followed by a sauna session to lose as much water weight as possible.

Come monday(the day of the photo shoot) I was thinking continuing my no carb up to 30minutes before the photo shoot. From that point i was going to down a gatorade and a NO booster and do push-ups and BB curls until i can't move(for the pump, basically)

I am 6'5'' 210lbs. I am pretty tan but i have around 15% bodyfat.

I mainly just don't want to embarrass myself and i want to help out my friend as much as possible. I have told him i could easily find another guy yo take my place but he doesn't want to go for that.

Am I on the right track? Can anyone offer me any advice? I would greatly appreciate some help on this.

keep in mind i have never done this before and i am not a model or a bodybuilder.


I wouldn't obsess over it. If your friend wanted a professional he would hire one. If your self conscious then I would eat a good high protein meal the night before the shoot and avoid eating anything but maybe a shake the morning of.

I think its more important that your stop worrying about it and focus on being confident. You could be a fat son of a bitch but if your confident people will take notice.




Just me......but I would say no to a swimsuit shoot if I were bulking, which I actually did this winter. Honestly, there is only so much you can do to change your body with carb/water/sodium manipulation, and it's really only for when you are already just about where you need to be.

I would say yes to the clothing stuff, and offer to do swimsuit another time. I personally don't think it's worth suffering for a shoot, and it's such a bummer when you don't like the pictures after a shoot! Just my opinion;)

If I were in your situation and doing a shoot.....I would probably carb up 2 days before the shoot, then back to no carb. I would also be drinking 2 gallons of water up until the day before, then cut my water at 6pm the day before the shoot......only sipping it after that as needed.


great advice brown trout. Thanks, i was definitely obsessing over it. And you are very right, he would hire a pro if he wanted one.

Thanks for the tips Missmg, much appreciated:)


I'm sure you'll do great! I always have huge anxiety before a photo shoot, but we are always our own worst critics:)


Let me know how it went!