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435x2 Squat Form Check


i know my elbows stayed back and up instead of bending the bar around my head. its a bad habit i have when i get near my max. let me know what you guys think.
also, forgive the hiked shorts, its a wrestling habit and they just get in the way.


Offtopic, but do you know how much is your vert?


I think you will get more replies if you make a video where the viewers don't have to dislocate their necks to watch it. :slight_smile:


Looked fantastic.


Looked awesome, and also looked like you could have gotten 5 + reps.


yeah man its solid.


Probably could have gotten another 3.

Next time, throw the 435 at your partner for not knowing how to use a camera.


Smoked it dude, go heavier or for more reps next time.

You've got it in the tank.


Looks solid man, keep it up.

But can someone tell me how fucking hard is it to operate a digital video camera? Fuckin' a....


x2 mother fucker

just unrack like 900 pounds, and fuckin dump it at him. he'll learn :slight_smile:

like the first guy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-AmArN4iwI


hahahhaha i slapped my brother for the shitty recording. he did better at our next session. thanks for taking the time to check it out for me guys. appreciate it.


and sorry matko, i dont know my vert. i would assume it isnt the greatest as i spent my life wrestling....but who knows? maybe it isnt too bad. out of curiosity, why do you ask?


Probably the only problem i see is that you're setting up too far away from the hooks. All that energy to take a big step back and set up is wasted. What if you got to your max reps and try to rack the bar and your leg gives out. I learned the hard way. Just take a step back and set.


Go abit deeper maybe? I mean, you're not an Olympic weightlifter, so you don't have to go ass to grass, but that is probably a little too shallow even for IPF/USPF powerlifting. You look flexible enough, your back looks tight and hips look like they stay rotated as they should be.


I'm just curious how much your squat (wto say it's pretty good is an understatement :D) affects your vert, since my goal is to increase my jumping ability :wink:


haha okay, im going to my old high school today for my bench session. we have a vert test setup, ill see what it is and get my vert measured and then get back to you.