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43 Yrs Old, 6 Ft 220lb, BF Around 13%


About 4 years of stumbling through nutrition plans and injuries has gotten me to this point. I've been lifting over 20 years off and on, but ate like I thought my 17 year old metabolism woud never leave me. Would like to compete, naturally, in Fall of 2008, but significantly bigger than I am now, with the weak groups brought up closer to the overall balance.

I see work that needs to be done in calves, forearms, biceps for sure. All 3 suck. Need more leg mass, which has been going very slow after a hernia surgery this past April.

and of course I'll have be much better than 13% bodyfat.

Curious to hear how many confirm my self-eval, and then hear any other comment that might steer my in a better directon. I'm heading into a 7 month bulk, starting out with the AD for BB's. Just started the 5X5 program in an effort to build more base mass.




Back .... hate handles.


I gave myself a 4 rating.


Hope it's a clean bulk man. No offense, but if I was 43, I'd be worried about being in shape...cut the fat, get healthy, then worry about putting on some muscle. I know that goes against what everyone else will probably say, but you're not 25 years old. Not sure you're 13% BF either...probably closer to 20% or more.


Yeah, clean bulk for sure. I did give some thought to leaning down into single digits, but I've already lost an entire year of putting on quality mass due the hernia. Visually , even I can see see a four-pack, then that will have to do during this bulk.

And when I was 25, at 175, and skinny ... I could eat whatever you put in front of me , bust ass in the gym, and maybe put on a pound of scale weight every few weeks. Didnt have the patience or access to knowledge that the internet, and this place provide. Thanks for the feedback Bro.


20% BF? uhhhhhhh. Obviously he holds fat more in his lovehandles, but visible abs. 20%?


You look real pretty in the side photo.

I gave you a 1. I don't sense an inner transformation yet.


$ey buddy! 6lad to see u out here in the Nation!!! Pix do not do this young man justice...u should see him in person :wink:

Keep up the hard work.


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Hey...your ass is lookin' fine by the way. I give it a 10.


Personally I'd give her ass an 8.5 but that's in inches and as big as I get ... :wink:

Null - eat clean and lift heavy bro. Looks like you are on the way.


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How about you stop talking about each other's asses and get back to the topic. Too much to ask? Didn't think so.


hahaha. do you think that conversation caried on in PM's


oh by the way i thought 3.3 was one of the most underrated scores i've seen so far. take into account age etc i'd say it should be a couple of point higher than that easy.


I agree. Gave you a higher mark. After your bulk, get your body fat down and you'll look great.


I am going to be harsh here but please understand where I am coming from.

YOU ARE NOT A KID ANYMORE!!! At our age we can't use the old "bulking and then cutting" because our joints and our endocrine systems aren't like a 17 year old. We gain more fat when we bulk and loose more muscle when we diet down.

You are not ready to step on stage and do any kind of damage. Have dignity and take 4 years to get the mass you seek. It is possible to gain loads of muscle mass at our age, just takes "laser-like" planning and determination. Which, because of our age, is a given.

Change your diet, change your cardio and don't overtrain. 5x5 is a great place to start, but don't be afraid to use different template or modify it for joints or previous injuries (hernia).

Most important aspect right now (aside the diet part) is your cardiovascular conditioning. If you want to stay in this game into your 50's and onward there has to be an aggressive change. If you have love handles you aren't doing enough cardio.

  1. 30min every morning walks without food

  2. After training some 5min (HIIT) cardio (5warm-up, 5 HIIT and 5 cool down).

  3. On some off days do an additional 30min cardio (GXP)

Diet, Elimninate all pops, fried foods and artificial sweeteners. Avoid sugar like the plague. Eat lean meat, fish fowl, Salads with olive oil and have some carbs with demand. Run, have carbs, no run, no carbs in that meal. I have mixed feelings with the AD, but try it for 4 months and if you don't "feel" right, change it for a more balanced approach.

You can make drastic changes in your physique in less than 1 year, but the diet has to be spotless every day.

Areas to focus (in order of importance)

  1. Diet
  2. Cardio
  3. Hamstrings
  4. Quads
  5. Calves
  6. Back thickness