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43 Yrs Old, 275 Pounds. First Cycle Help?

hey guys! I just going back to the gym after I gain a lot of pounds during quarantine i m like 43 old, 275 pounds with extra fat lol so i got at my hands some test e and primo, never did a cycle before so i was thinking to start my first cycle with 500mg/week test and 400mg primo? my dieting is gonna be around 300carbs,250 protein,60gr fat during the day

please any advise?

Just start with test only. Drop the Primo

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If you gained a bunch of fat, presumably you are going to cut. Don’t cut for your first cycle, and even if you do cut on cycle, 500/week is way more than needed. You also didn’t mention AI or PCT, so I think it’s premature to start a cycle at this point.

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For the next 20 weeks run this cycle:

Testosterone 0mg/w
500 calorie/d deficit
More cardio

Drop some weight, then come back to this idea. But starting a cycle where you are is generally a bad idea. You’ll get better results if you start from a better place. No way around that, unfortunately.


I was trying to find a nice way of saying the same. I can always count @iron_yuppie to nail it. Listen to this advice.


Thank you i really appreciate it and i would start a diet first to cut down and then after i am around 220-225 maybe i reconsider this idea?

I don’t know your height, frame size, build etc. Get somewhere around 15% BF as shown by the mirror and start from there.

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I agree with @iron_yuppie, except I will add that you should get a male hormone panel done and see how your hormones look. Sure you gained a ton of weight during lockdowns, but at your age you could be a prime candidate for TRT, which will help get your hormones where they should be and will help you lose and keep off the weight. If your hormones are fine then I would not run a cycle until you lose a bit of fat mass first


:point_up:t2:Second this.

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thank u

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Just another perspective on what you may or may not decide.

This weight came on because of quarantine?
So… Your not happy at 275lbs and looking at a cycle to help you get fit?

I get why you may look at a cycle to help get lean. If testosterone is decreased with age, you can fall into a sand trap where estrogen takes over and it becomes a very hard fight to dig yourself out despite hard training and clean eating.

Can you do it without cycle? Can you accelerate results on cycle? It depends on your metabolic chemistry and makeup as with everything. You will have to test this out and come up with your own result findings. But BE EDUCATED!

Increasing Test and blocking estrogen due to high body fat can overcome some difficulties. However… You have to be willing to put in the work!

No reason to put Nitro methane in to a top fuel race car if your going to just idle.

The cycle you propose is good. Do a 12week cycle. If your trying to loose weight and get better muscle development, I would cut carbs to 150. Protein seems OK if your not tiring to mass up.

  1. I would check your blood work if possible.
    Estrogen, Testosterone, Prostate - PSA, Liver, Kidney, Cholesterol, CBC with blood count, Metabolic panel, Thyroid, Glucose and insulin resistance, A1C, blood clotting factor, urinalysis, Blood pressure. Whats your testosterone/estrogen ratio? Is your fat consuming your testosterone and converting it to fat manufacturing estrogen?

This would be a better guide to map out a strategy of how to be safe or address issues that may hamper goals, or at worse, save your life.

  1. Steroids are catabolic to your good cholesterol “HDL” and raises bad cholesterol. They can also cause polycythemia leading to blood clots and high blood pressure.
    So you may want to add 6-8g of salmon oil per day. It helps to raise HDL and thins the blood. It also helps with inflammation. Turmeric and vitamin E are also blood thinners. Good while on cycle.

  2. Steroids also covert to DHT. This can lead to decreased hair follicle blood flow causing thinning. DHT also can cause the prostate to enlarge. So you may want to add about 1g of saw palmetto. It blocks DHT.

  3. If you can get HCG, use 100units every 3-4days to help your balls from shrinking or shutting down while on cycle.

  4. Make sure you have a good PCT plan. Make sure you have a good PCT plan. Make sure you have a good PCT plan.Make sure you have a good PCT plan.Make sure you have a good PCT plan.Make sure you have a good PCT plan.Make sure you have a good PCT plan.Make sure you have a good PCT plan.Make sure you have a good PCT plan.Make sure you have a good PCT plan.

  5. Be dedicated or don’t do it. Cardio will help to mitigate some of the negative effects of cycle.

  6. Eat clean, avoid alcohol.

Good Luck! Train Hard!

I don’t recommend that. I don’t like it.

Previous studies have demonstrated that SPE had a number of pharmacological effects: 1) an anti-androgenic effect — inhibition of 5α-reductase I and II and inhibition of binding of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) to the cytosolic androgen receptors

Be careful blocking 5a-reductase, problems with limp dick are common with that.

Different anecdote: I like it. No problems with limp dick and it makes me pee less frequently/urgently.

This seems a no brainer from the info of your initial post.
You’re going back to the gym after a rather lengthy absence. IMO, get back into full swing of things. Just getting back should come with some steady progress of strength and increased muscle.

Workout natural until you hit a plateau. Then consider your first steroid cycle. Many have found that the first cycle was the most productive cycle. Don’t waste the easy gains of your first cycle when gains are coming easy anyway when you come back. Muscle memory is phenomenal.

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specifically with saw palmetto and elevated testosterone levels, DHT can be more problematic. I can personally say from experience that hair loss and prostate size are not an issue whatsoever for me. Also Zero Ed. but that’s just me. I’m sure it’s possible for others to have problems but saw palmetto actually amplifies testosterone. here’s an interesting study you should check out it’s pretty informative

The scientific community agrees that there is not a clear understanding of DHT blocking and states clear definitive science is elusive. It’s interesting however to study this more in depth. Ask for me I could just simply say anecdotally things seem to be working out just fine. I was also reading another study about the negative effects of blocking DHT as it relates to fatty liver and elevated glucose levels. But they didn’t give clear research data regarding the study so to me it’s more conjecture than anything .

Also what I find interesting is that when I do trans pelvic ultrasound on man for a prostate evaluation, when I identify that the prostates are actually smaller than normal, I usually question if they had surgery to reduce prostate size. More often is the case anecdotally explained that they’re taking Super Beta Prostate. It’s quite an interesting phenomenon and how it correlates with what I’ve seen more than two or three dozen times.

Like I said for myself, I’m on 500 test, 400 mastrone, 50 anavar, 200 HCG, 0.75 letrozole, 1000 mg saw palmetto, and 6000 mg of salmon oil. I also take about 1000 mg of turmeric. But the Thousand mg of saw palmetto daily I’ve actually stopped my hair from thinning or falling out. And my urodynamics are very good. I forgot to mention that I’m taking about 100000 micrograms of biotin daily as well. And then let’s not forget but 20 grams of collagen and 300 grams of protein. But I just wanted that illustrate that everything is going very well for me at 52 years of age.

Rt Nomad… Your advice is very well sound!

That’s fine. I know a lot of people who like finasteride, have no side effects. But I wouldn’t recommend that either. There seem to be people who react very badly with PFS and until we know more (pharmacogenomics) I’m not gonna try it out if I’m the one.

We are hopefully making informed decisions here. Herbs don’t get enough credit for how powerful of a drug they can contain. People take them without reading up on side effects.

(Granted the risk is even lower than in patients taking finasteride and I’m overcautious on this. I dont think saw palmetto is a no-go. It’s just me who’s very careful messing with DHT lowering drugs. People also came to me to get saw palmetto and nobody complained of severe ED because of it, but that could also be survivors bias)

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More science is needed no question. Even AI drugs can be more dangerous to ED and desire however it’s a huge part of what many post cycle do.

But it’s good to discuss these issues and discover the safety in taking an educated approach. Monitoring negative results and having a safe exit plan. Being able to back out of and reduce or reverse negative results. So many things to consider and so much more to learn.

To address a 1st cycle, I say be educated and committed to a cycle or don’t bother.

Know what to look for in the body and know how to address issues if they arise. Everyone is different with shared commonalities. Also there are those that trend left and right of commonality that require education to address issues that can develop.

That’s why forums like this are good. We can discuss this and share information that hopefully leads to safer, successful results! :grin: