43 yr old, 1st Cycle Details and Results

Okay first of all I’m 43, 6 foot, 195lbs, at about 10% bf, but I don’t look 43 and I’m a stubborn sumbitch lol. My 1st cycle was last year February and it ended in August. It consisted of:
600mg test e wk 1-20
300mg tren a wk 12-20 (i know 1st cycle but i researched it well and do what i want lol)
400mg masteron wk 12-20
.5 Cabergoline 2x wk 12-20
.5mg Arimidex eod wk 1-20
250ui hcg 2x wk wk 1-20

I got the initial blood work done but not after that I just recently got blood work to make sure my liver kidneys are okay. The thing is I didn’t want to come off and I kept seeing results so I kept going and also at 43 and to keep gains, i decided to cruise instead of PCT. So from September to January of this year I cruised at 150 mg test e a week and 50 mg of Tren e a week. I didn’t like Tren e it made my nipples weird so I just recently started my second cycle, now I’m using Tren Ace test e and anavar this time. I could eat a lot better don’t eat well and I don’t make a lot of mone. In that regard, I really like my strength what I see when I look in the mirror specially for my age. Here’s a before and after pic:

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