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43 Year Old Women Bench Press 315 Lbs


age 43
height 5 8
weight 171 lbs


Why are you carpetbombing this forum with random vids?

And horrible examples of women benching, like this!


I'm sorry. There's no more space in PW for you to post awful random youtube videos of women lifting. Move along now.


And if you're going to post 315 bench videos, the least you could do is post one of a woman ACTUALLY BENCHING.

Edit: her butt comes off the bench. Probably should have posted Laura Phelps 315 CT bench video instead since we're talking about doing it right...


Yeah, that was wayyyyy cooler. AMAZING strength.


I didn't know it was possible for a 43-year-old woman to bench at all.

Why does the spotter have his hands on the bar the whole time? I can't believe someone who's handling that kind of weight would tolerate that.


She lied about her age.

Isn't that how you're supposed to do it?


Dude...this original poster's kinda a creeper.

Can you kindly..um..not be creepy?


As a 53-year-old woman (and retired PL'er), NOTHING will piss me off worse than a spotter grabbing the bar too soon! If I get a spot from someone I don't know, I have to tell 'em, "DON'T grab the bar unless I say 'git it!"


Instead of random people, maybe there should be a thread of powerful women handling heavy weight?


yea I watched that.....

nice crotch shot