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43, Getting Serious About Working Out


Hi all,

So I am 43, 5 feet 9 and about 220 pounds. I been lifting for years on and off.

Well I just came back from vacation and felt pretty bad. It just seemed everyone was in shape except me. Most the people were alot younger, I was thinking maybe I am over the hill.

Anyway, I really like to make a committed effort into getting back in good shape. Working out as always been one of my favorite things to do and I like to see if I can take it to the next level.

If anyone knows a post on the forum or something online I could read that could point me in the right direction, that would be great.

My biggest question is, since I am 43, what are the important things I need to keep in mind?

Another thing I need help with is diet. The thing is I am on the go alot, so I get stuck eating out. I am sure it's probably one of my biggest problems.

Also, what should I consider with my supplements? I really only take a multi vitamin.

Thanks all, any advice would be great.


Welcome Brother! What are goals then? Losing fat, getting stronger? Or just looking good naked?

There is a ton of great articles in the beginner section that you can start reading right away.

Again welcome to the "Not ready to be over the hill gang"!


Welcome, Mtal. Hmmm, don't know if we should let in the old geezers' place, you're mighty young at 43. Ah, if only I were in my 40's again . . .

Seriously, be glad to help with restaurant questions and all.


Welcome to getting serious. Plenty of encouragement and good info in these parts. Heard a commercial the other day and a line stood out. "A body in motion, stays in motion." Keep on moving!



I would say you came to the right place. People here will help you get where ever you want to go...


Welcome Mtal! Looking forward to following, good luck!!


Should have thought of this earlier.

BigNurse has done a heck of a job restoring himself to health with extreme schedule challenges.


Fish oil and lots of it. I'm on 10 grams a day. It helps with lipid profile, after awhile it really helps with Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.


Null--wow thanks.

Mtal--my perspective is that i wish i had done this when i was 43 rather than now at 53. What i have learnt is that there is no magic secret formula--it's just making the commitment and doing it !!.

However.. a few thoughts :

First about T Nation and the threads here. I looked around for a while before posting on this one and got very positive responses from everyone here. It is possible to get information overload really quickly, a good place to start is actually the beginners thread has 2 stickies (sorry can't link) that even if you know the stuff are worth a re-read.
For inspiration take a look at Nate Miyakis article (respect the iron way) if that doesn't light the fire then i don't know what will.

Training and eating around a difficut working life...well taking a look at all the over 35 threads and there is a lot in common, might not be difficult shift patterns but jobs, lack of jobs, families etc etc it's all going on and the guys (and gals) get stuck in and do the work.

Rambling a bit (long day..me hungry !!)
back later..




Welcome will try to answer more later myself.


1) Don't get injured.

You ain't as young as you once wear. Popping a couple discs trying to pull 400 pounds off the floor for a single doesn't make you tough, it puts you out of comission for months.

2) See 1.

3) Welcome !


Wow!, where did you go?

Most of the people I see uncovered on the beach look like they're made of tattoo covered dough.

You've come to the right place for good advice.

My top tips are;

1: Be consistent,
2: Set measurable, definite goals, like "bench 300lbs by the end of the year", don't be vague like "get fit", and
3: Don't eat yellow snow.



I'm in the same boat as you. Almost the same stats, though I'm an inch shorter. My only advice is to start with lower weights, focus on form for the first few weeks, and make sure you rest. Good luck.



Wow that is a tough question. You know my approach to working out has always been to get stronger. I always thought that would get me to looking better naked. Well it has not. Right now I am just bulky (I also do not eat the best which probably is not helping.) So I think I am going to try to look better naked (but if getting stronger can get me there I am all for it.)

Thanks for the tip about the beginner section, I will head over there and check it out.

Oh and great to be part of the "Not ready to be over the hill gang"!


Back to your thread now, busy earlier in the week .

With regard to eating out a lot : is that a work thing for instance having to eat out on the road ?

I was going to suggest having a good look at the first couple of sticky threads over on the beginners board --hoping that if you have been a lifter before that it would still be good value as 'the basics don't change'.

When you were lifting/training before what made you give up or did it just drift ?

One big thing to get a hold of now is that 43 is a very good time to get training again , the little i know of muscle physiology is that 35 seems to be the point at which most of us start losing muscle mass, catching it now should be easier than in 10 years time which is my perspective.

In my own limited experience it seems to work well to get one thing working at a time ie getting a good exercise programme and then starting in on the diet--and even then it has been a stage by stage thing : like firstsimply cutting down on the garbage, then cutting down on some of my lifelong basics like bread and pasta and gradully heading towrds a leaner/cleaner all round diet.

On very basic stuff, walking has worked very well for me for fat loss especialy an early morning fasted walk.


Thanks. I was thinking of when I am on the go, just trying to find those buffet type places and get some chicken breast/fish and steamed vegetables. Only thing is what I do when I have to go out for dinner?

I am still doing my diet research. I been reading stuff like have oatmeal in the morning, a snack (like some nuts) before lunch, lunch I will probably hit the buffet, afternoon a protien shake, then workout, and either home or a buffet/place I can get a chicken sandwich.

Does that all sound about right?


Oh man I wish I read this yesterday, when I was so motivated to start working out harder, that I decided to do some dead lifts (nothing too bad, was back in the gym today.)

I will keep this in mind and thanks for the welcome.


welcome to washed up meathand land.


Remember that my perspective is that of a keen beginner where i have a sound knowledge of core physiology but realtively poor knowledge of muscle/bone/tendon stuff and my knowledge of dietetics is 1.clinical baed and 2. Very out of date.

I am in no position to be saying 'do this or do that' that would be totally arrogant of me , best i can say is comment on what i have done and what seems to work for me.

Although i started in on the whole 'sort myself out' over 18 months ago i have only been training with weights since february this year, the insights have come in very fast but i do wish that i had done this years ago.
I am quite frankly stunned that my body (and mind) are reacting so positively to lifting weights having hated sports much earlier in life.

What i have done is made a series of progressive changes over the 18 months, first just stopped driving everywhere and got walking, stopped snacking incessantly on high carb stuff while working excessive extra hours in my job. It was only about 8 months in that i started doing some running and a year before i 'discovered' weights.

My own thoughts about diet are :
It has to work for you--i for instance detest oatmeal which is almost heresy around here !
The latest word (TC luoma) article is something that my physiology had me suspecting is that lots of frequent small meals may be completely wrong in terms of insulin response--completely fascinating subject and has had me in the medical library trying to track that idea down.

Equally on a workout/training programme :
It has to work for you, it might be superdooper for somebody else and make no sense whatsoever for you. Early on one of the T Na editors advised me to stay away from a lot of the stuff (hypertrophy)simply because it was aimed at something i just didn't need.
I for one really enjoy Dan Johns work although it gets nary a mention around here.

Of the current diet approaches that people use : paleo seems to make a lot of sense in that it's all pretty lean and clean and stuff that we evolved with--except that i am happy with dairy like cottage cheese. I don't agree with all of the paleo claims from what i know of bushcraft but that's a different story.

Getting a decent amount of protein with every meal makes a load of sense as that definitely suppresses hunger whereas high carb seems to create hunger.
Equally (and in opposition) my observation from experience is that being well fuelled up almost guarantees me a stronger workout, so carbs are essential there.
At the moment i can't see the physiological sense in the whole 'bulk and cut' deal either, just doesn't make sense to me to pile on fat and then try to lose it ! but then i'm not trying to be a body builder.