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42yo, My First Cycle


Hi all. I’m 42 and have been lifting for the past 10 years. At first it was for fitness and following Men’s Health guides but have been taking it seriously since 2012 when I discovered Starting Strength. That led to a lot good programmes and good results but gains are slower and it’s harder to keep fat off my belly. After years of thinking it over, I’d like to start my first cycle. I’m currently around 14-15% after being 9-10% this summer.

I’m 183cm 84kg and what I’m looking to get out of the cycle is more lean body mass and generally appear more muscular. I have had my bloodwork done and all is good except for high overall cholesterol, though my ratio is very good. I know there are cholesterol effects so I will be watching my diet, supplementing fish oils and getting my bloods done again around week 7 or 8.

My goals are to keep as much of the gains that I can after the PCT and minimise any risks and side effects. I know a lot of the weight gained is water weight etc, but I’m not looking to put on 25lbs of muscle on this cycle. This is typical body dysmorphia/mid-life crisis fare, no dreams of going up on stage. I’m starting at what might seem a relatively low dose but I believe it fits my goals. I have heard you can get sustainable results on 250-300mg/week and I’m hoping starting conservatively will reduce side effects.

This is my first cycle and I want to see how I react and recover before trying anything more ambitious or planning another cycle.

I had planned on doing 300mg of Test Cyp split into two weekly doses of 150mg. But I ended up buying 200mg Test Cyp ampoules. I’ll take it every 5 days so it works out to roughly the same amount as 300mg/week. I’m planning 10 weeks because it seems to offer the best benefit in terms of gains balanced with the risk of not recovering. I have sufficient supplies for 12 weeks if needs be - I may make that decision around week 10.

My cycle plan is below, does this all look correct? Since my bodyfat is higher than I like to stay at, should I cut before the cycle?

10-week cycle

Weeks 1-10

  • 200mg Test Cyp E5D
  • Arimidex .25mg EOD
  • hcg 250iu 2 x week

Weeks 11 and 12 off.
Start PCT on day 18 after last injection for next 4 weeks.

I’m including hcg in my cycle, not PCT, to hopefully speed up the recovery as I have concerns about that given my age. I have Tamoxifen and Clomid but I see some wildly different numbers for dosing/timing so I haven’t settled on the regimen yet.

Have I made any mistakes or missed anything?


I would say a diet plan but you say your bdfat was under 10%this summer , i am roughly the same age as you , and duing 300mg test cypionate weekly.
And feel great, your appetite will increase though so have a plan for that.
I would just plan on 12 weeks from start


Thanks for the reply, it’s good to see someone in a similar situation. How much did you increase your calories by at 300mg/week?


You said your bloodwork came out okay. What was you T, free T levels and E2?

At your age I think you should consider TRT if you are considering messing around with a cycle. I strongly believe most males need this at our age or even just after 30. Poke around the TRT forum here for more info

Also, I strongly suggest you use 400mg / week. NOT because I think 300 is too low but because the half life of Test Cyp would have your hormones all over the map if you pin every 5th day. 400mg is not that much more than 300 when considering you are trying to error on the side of caution. IF you are dead set on only using 300mg / week you should find either 10ml vials that you can make multiple withdrawals or 150mg ampoules


Ive had health issues over the years, and still trying to get back to base 1, the trt has helped me though
If youre done having kids , and just want to be fit and muscular you might consider trt with blast and cruise.
300 a week is a mild cycle if it first one , you will find adding eq or deca benificial on next cycles .
Most guys see 500mg a week minimum for test only cycle , but at 300 mg a week puts you at hyper level natural range.


Thank you for the response. To be honest, I had been thinking about TRT because I definitely have less energy and motivation, more depression etc as of the last couple years. I will look into it more but I’m in the EU, on nationalised medicine and not sure I’d be able to qualify.

I had wondered if the hormone levels would be an issue. I’ll split the injections normally then and do them twice a week.

Sorry if my numbers are in the wrong measures. It took me a while to figure out how to do the conversions to other units and I don’t have those numbers now.

My Test is 18.11 nmol/L (range 7.600 -31.400)
E2 is 111 pmol/L (range 44.000 -156.000)

I don’t have a Free Testosterone measure as my clinic didn’t offer it. Do I need that done before I start a cycle? The only clinic I found that tested for it charged more than for all the other tests combined.